Best Private Cloud Storage Service: Top Choice

Best Private Cloud Storage Service: Top Choice

Private cloud storage has won the trust of most people because of its stability, security and reliability, and has become the preferred storage and backup method. The data on private cloud storage can only be accessed by logging in to the account that uploads the file, or by authorizing access through the account that uploads the file. The data on private cloud storage will exist forever as long as you don’t delete it. You don’t have to worry about attacks or device damage. Files on the private cloud can be accessed from any location, not limited to devices. Next, we will discuss how to find the best private cloud storage services.

Here we mainly share with you several private cloud storage providers, which will evaluate their storage services according to their advantages and disadvantages, so that you can have a full understanding of private cloud storage.

Three best private cloud storage providersTeraBox

 Terabox is a popular private cloud storage service. It not only provides customers with 1TB of private storage space for free, but also ensures your data security and ensures rapid upload and download of data. Terabox is currently used by a large number of users, mainly concentrated in individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises.


  • 1TB of free cloud storage for all users
  • Offline file access
  • Built-in video player that can play videos at variable speeds
  • Its premium plan is extremely cheap


  • Doesn’t have a standalone macOS app
  • No 2FA
  1. iDrive

IDrive is also a good private cloud provider, which can also provide online file transfer and download functions. It has some functions of private cloud storage, but compared with terabox, it does not provide large storage space for free, which is also a major drawback. 


  • Multiple user support allows collaboration
  • Supports 2FA for extra security


  • 10GB of free cloud storage is way too small for most users 
  • Its premium plans are a little pricy
  1. Tresorit

Tresorit is also one of the excellent private cloud storage providers. It pays more attention to data security and encryption, which is its most prominent advantage. This is undoubtedly a blessing for small businesses, and of course, it is equally important for individual users. All the files it uploads to the server adopt advanced encryption standard algorithm. From the perspective of file security, it is indeed a good choice. 


  • Very secure
  • Multi-user support


  • Doesn’t have a free storage plan
  • Its premium plans are relatively pricy. 

Why TeraBox is one of the most worthy private cloud solutions

Through the above comparison of several private cloud storage. Have you found that terabox is the most suitable private cloud storage platform when you browse these app rankings in Apple App store and Google play store. An important factor for millions of users to fall in love with terabox is its 1TB free cloud storage space, which cannot be provided by other platforms.

With 1TB storage, you can upload more than 400000 high-definition photos or 51200 videos of about 1 minute. This storage space is larger than most people have on smartphones and laptops. With so much storage space, you can back up all the data on your device on the cloud.

Terabox not only has huge free storage space, but also has many useful functions. If you want to learn more, you might as well read the following article to increase your understanding. 

  • Locked Box: With this feature, you can password-lock a file or folder to add an extra layer of security to your most sensitive files
  • File preview: With this feature, you will be able to view all your files right from the cloud without having to download them on your device. 
  • Robust Video player: TeraBox has a built-in video player that you can use to play all your video files online. This player also has the option to vary the playing speed and the video resolution if you want to. 
  • High-speed download/upload: TeraBox supports upload speeds of up to 4.7MB/s, higher than what most providers offer.
  • Photo Management: With this feature, you can easily flip, save, delete, share and manage your photos. 

TeraBox – Best choice for lifelong cloud storage

Choose terabox, and you will get 1TB free cloud storage permanently. Yes, you are right. All users can get it. If you are looking for lifelong cloud storage and want to use it permanently for free, then terabox is your best choice.

In addition to being free, terabox is also a trusted and secure private cloud storage solution that you can rely on to store or transfer the most sensitive files. For this reason, terabox won the best new mobile application award in May 2022. 

TeraBox – Fast and free private cloud storage

Terabox also has a core advantage. Its file transfer speed is very fast. You only need to upload 1GB super large files to the cloud server in 4 minutes, which is second to none in many cloud storage, with a transfer speed of 4.7mbs. This is why so many people choose terabox. In terms of transferring large files, we can see that terabox is the best choice for cloud storage. If you compare the bandwidth provided by other providers to users, you will feel how incredible it is. 

Final thoughts

Through the several private cloud storage platforms introduced above, you will understand their respective characteristics. You can judge from them that terabox is the best choice. It has fast transmission speed and high security. More importantly, it provides us with huge storage space for free. Terabox is unique in this regard. Now visit the TeraBox login page and register to start using it for free.


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