Become a BIM Specialist: How to Make BIM Your Profession

Become a BIM Specialist: How to Make BIM  Your Profession

BIM (Business Information Modelling) specialists are responsible for implementing BIM, as well as digital structural procedures from the design, construction, and delivery phases of a building project. Typically, BIM involves generating and managing the digital models of both the functional and physical features of a building. However, the duties and responsibilities of BIM specialists differ depending on the scope of the project.

The title of a BIM specialist is not clear to many people. And, like with all other BIM-related roles, the job description of a BIM specialist differs depending on the scope of the project, as well as the company. Therefore, it is important you get your resume customized by best resume writers.

Here are the key duties and responsibilities of a BIM specialist:

  • Managing software licenses, which includes overseeing the installation of new and updated software versions.
  • Managing the implementation of software programs supporting BIM.
  • Conduct research about new software programs related to BIM.
  • Keeping your company information about the best BIM software and best practices in BIM.
  • Implementing and enforcing BIM standards across the entire organization.
  • Searching for productivity and efficiency tips for your organization’s BIM process.
  • Providing internal BIM training.
  • Attending seminars, workshops, and conferences on behalf of your organization, with the aim of transferring the knowledge you gain to your organization.

The qualifications and skills you need to become a BIM specialist

As a BIM specialist, you must have an HND/HCD or a higher degree related to construction projects. Besides, you should have at least 5 years’ experience in construction, engineering, or architectural roles. Also, most people with document control or CAD background make the perfect candidates for BIM specialists.

Further, BIM specialists must have the basic knowledge of the entire modeling process, exceptional IT skills, and the ability to use different types of software programs related to BIM. Lastly, excelled verbal and written skills are a must, and you will need to work hand in hand with different people for your project to succeed.

Main skills for BIM specialists

Perfect your domain expertise

The professionals from BIM modeling services company, VIATechnik say that domain expertise is an essential aspect for anyone who desires to make BIM their profession. First, you need to have experience of at least 5 years when it comes to handling BIM projects. The ability to regularly upgrade to new software versions and new technologies, as well as regular research to new methodologies to implement projects, among other skills, are essential. Besides, you must have expertise in different software programs, like Revit, AutoCAD, Tekla, Navisworks, and ArchiCAD, among others. Lastly, as a BIM professional, you must have the expertise to provide end-to-end BIM solutions, as well as simultaneously manage other people in your team.

Develop interpersonal skills

One thing with BIM is that it’s a collaborative process, which requires strong support from other departments for it to be a success. So, to become a BIM specialist, you should be able to collaborate with other departments, and ensure that any problems are resolved amicably. Besides, you must convey any issues in a manner that doesn’t hurt the people you are working with. At times, there might be some changes needed from the structural or architectural side. Now, this is where you will need to apply your interpersonal skills to avoid getting into a conflict and make sure that any issue is resolved as quickly as possible.

Good communication skills

BIM specialists should have exceptional communication skills, as they are required to present BIM models and designs regularly. One thing with BIM is that it’s a collaborative approach, which requires a high-level ability to communicate with stakeholders and your clients, as well.

BIM specialists with top-notch communication skills are like icing on the cake. These people can greatly influence and strengthen the overall project management process of a company—thanks to their effective communication.

Time management

A BIM specialist should spend around 30% of their time reaching modern technologies and passing that knowledge to staff. As a BIM specialist, you will be leading other people. Thus, you should be able to analyze the entire costs of a project and pinpoint any issues that can affect profitability.

Other than that, you should spend the rest of your time in training and development, analyzing project productivity, quality checks, and meetings, among other things. Besides, you must have good organizational capabilities and skills if you want to become a great BIM specialist.

Final thoughts

Now you have a good idea of the skill sets that you need to become a successful BIM specialist. Today, most construction companies and architectural firms have not invested in BIM. However, these companies are bound to invest in BIM in the future, and they will need a BIM specialist. A good BIM specialist ensures smooth project management and execution. Besides, collaboration and communication between different teams are essential, as it boosts the growth predictions of the organization.


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