Top 5 Advantages of Custom Software For Your Business

Top 5 Advantages of Custom Software For Your Business

Software solutions are vital tools for modern businesses and organizations. Successful businesses rely heavily on digital technologies for productivity, communication, and management. Organizations also depend on IT solutions for their day-to-day operations.

In 2019, businesses spent around $200 billion on enterprise software. This highlights the importance of IT solutions and the dependence of modern businesses on technology.

Considering the value of IT software, its popularity and adoption has soared. Nowadays, we have all sorts of software applications or programs. From the most basic productivity tools such as spreadsheet and word processors to the complicated solutions such as accounting and taxation software to the custom-made applications, businesses and organizations can find an IT solution that meets their specific needs.

Basic Types of Software Programs

Basically, software applications are classified either as packaged or custom software. Packaged software programs are those that offer generic solutions. They are mass-produced for the consumption of the general public and sold off-the-shelf.

Meanwhile, custom software applications have been designed and developed for the unique purpose of an organization or business. These IT programs are tailored to suit the specific requirements or needs of its users. The features, processes, and functionality of the software are decided upon by the buyer. Unlike packaged software, custom software is exclusively made for the client or a specific group or sector.

Advantages of Custom Software

Back in the days, companies only used generic, packaged software programs. However, these products were often unable to meet the diverse and unique needs of clients. As a result, the demand for individualized software products gave rise to custom software development. Custom IT solutions ensure exclusiveness in the program and guarantee that all needs are met.

Here we take a look at the top five benefits of choosing custom software programs.


As your business grows, new and immediate needs will likely arise. Although packaged software may meet your present requirements, it might not be able to do so with your future needs. Unfortunately, these software programs do not accommodate changes.

This is not the case with custom solutions, which are designed to scale depending on the needs of the client. Software developers do not only design the initial program; they also maintain the program and ensure that it continuously meets the client’s requirements. Custom software solutions grow alongside your business. It won’t limit or hold you back.


As mentioned above, every company has its unique needs, processes, and specifications. As such, a one-size-fits-all solution may fall short in meeting these distinctive requirements. Custom industrial software solutions are personalized to your organization which allows them to fit seamlessly. Although tweaking some inherent features of packaged software might help, it still does not reflect the uniqueness of your organization.

Custom software applications are built from scratch with your company in mind. They are designed to do exactly what you want it to do, thereby making your daily processes easier to handle.


When compared with packaged software, custom IT products such as software developments from Entrance Consulting might seem pricier. However, when you consider its worth over the long run, you’ll realize that it is more cost-effective. Usually, off-the-shelf software entails additional costs such as for regular updates, licenses, IT support, and subscription. Custom solutions do not often require significant investments later on. This means considerable savings that you can use for your business.


Companies often run multiple software programs for different teams, processes, or requirements. This can prove to be a hassle and a waste of time for employees. With custom software solution, all of these processes are integrated into a single program. This benefits your business in many ways, such as ensuring seamless collaboration among team members and departments, improving efficiency and productivity, and reducing stress and man-hours. Throughout the development of the software, inputs from end-users are considered and addressed to ensure an effective custom solution.

Reliable IT Support

When running software solutions, having continuous and reliable IT support and maintenance is a vital concern. Since your business operations depend on the software, you want to maintain its tiptop shape. With packaged software products, you are tied with the software developer. In case the vendor goes bankrupt or suddenly stops maintaining the software, you might need to suddenly change your software with one that is fully maintained and supported. This will not only cost your business but may also affect your operations.

Custom software developers guarantee that your software will be serviced for as long as necessary. The software comes with an efficient and reliable technical support plan. You are assured that there will be specialists ready to solve any problems you encounter. And since custom software is exclusive to the client, the chances of security breaches are minimal. This is because hackers are less familiar with the system and its security architecture.


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