Key 2024 Mobile Trends 7 Booming Developments Unveiled

Key 2024 Mobile Trends 7 Booming Developments Unveiled

Ever since smartphones were introduced, they have been our constant companions. With regular updates, the features of smartphones have enhanced, and they have made our lives easier. Several unknown technologies have walked into our lives. The mobile app development sector has been expanding and doesn’t seem to stop. Due to this rapid growth, new mobile trends are emerging with every passing day. In this post, we have talked about 7 major mobile trends that are expected to surprise users in 2021.

Folding display

Probably the biggest trend introduced in 2021 is folding displays. The first models of this technology have already arrived in the market. Have you seen the latest collection of Samsung phones, particularly the Samsung galaxy fold? Whoever imagined that such technological advancement could be witnessed in this era! The folding display smartphones are in high demand in the market and are expected to rule the market trend in 2022 as well.

Folding display changes the screen ratio instantly depending on the actions the user intends to perform. To make sure every application is compatible with this trend, mobile apps would be updated and modified accordingly.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Have you ever imagined you could access your home from anywhere in this world? Yes, it’s possible. With the development of the Internet of Things, it’s possible in 2021! If you have forgotten to lock your house and you suddenly remember it in the middle of a meeting, you don’t have to leave the place. If you have an IoT-powered lock system, an internet connection, and an IoT app, you can lock your house from your current location.

Several IoT products have already been launched in the market, like Philips Lighting system, Amazon Dash Button, August Doorbell, etc. With these apps, everything will be in our control.

5G Network

The much-awaited 5g network is finally ready to be launched in 2021. Needless to say, 5g isso much faster than its predecessor. It’s about 100 times faster than a 4g network. The best part is it offers high speed with low latency and improved stability!

Fans are expecting 5g to revolutionize the 4k streaming services. Finally, you can watch your favorite shows without buffering issues. With its enhanced speed and connectivity, 5g will let us enjoy IoT services without network issues. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Who doesn’t know about today’s AI-based systems like Siri, Google Maps, Alexa, etc. Even AI-based mobile apps have also become an everyday name. By 2021, AI is expected to be more widespread. Besides integrating devices with artificial intelligence, other AI-based tools like voice translators, AI integrated cameras, etc. Are expected to be launching soon. Machine learning is capable of tracking past inputs. By learning the user’s behavior from old data, the system can provide the user with suitable recommendations. This is useful for both the user and the mobile app developer.

Mobile app developers and researchers are working on combining machine learning and artificial intelligence together to allow further mobile app development.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has already started to revolutionize people’s experiences. It’s just a matter of time when they will be integrated into our daily lives. The best examples of mixed realities in 2021 are Google’s ARcore and Apple’s ARkit. These systems have integrated VR and AR together and offer useful features like environmental understanding, motion tracking, light estimation, etc. In 2021, these technologies have already received a boost. We can expect mixed technologies to be integrated into functional mobile apps. Sectors like healthcare, education, tourism, and marketing would benefit highly.

 Enterprise Mobile Applications

As per recent reports, businesses that have access to enterprise mobile applications are growing rapidly than others. You must be wondering how useful this technology is. Well, it enhances the interaction between companies, works on employees’ satisfaction rate, and therefore increases productivity. Ultimately it boosts ROI. Looking into the benefits of enterprise mobile applications, several companies are striving to integrate this technology into their system.

Cloud Integration

Cloud technology will forever be a wonder for us. Cloud is currently the most reliable platform for storing confidential data. Until recently, cloud technology wasn’t incorporated into the mobile application development sector. However, in 2021, several cloud-based applications have been launched.

These applications run directly on the cloud. There’s no need for the user to download or install anything. Hence, users can now get relief from unwanted storage issues. The best part is you can access your data from any part of the globe, provided you know your cloud’s credentials.

From the above trends, it’s evident the future of the mobile development sector is quite exciting. Who knows what more trends are awaiting us. Have you used these technologies yet? If not, now is the time to utilize them.


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