Your guide to pursuing SAFe Agilist Course (& Benefits)

Your guide to pursuing SAFe Agilist Course (& Benefits)

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is the most popular Agile framework. It is a globally trusted framework for calling Agile. It provides a set of organizational and workflow patterns that can help enterprises implement agile practices at scale. SAFe helps the organization increase its output and efficiency by employee engagement, quality of products and services provided, and team productivity. 

Agile is a set of practices or principles in software development that are implemented to improve the effectiveness of software development teams and professionals. Agile teams have given a mechanism that helps them adapt to change quickly with the help of planning requirements and evaluating performance quickly. 

A SAFe Agilist is a professional who uses his/her knowledge of SAFe Agile in applying Scaled Agile Framework in an enterprise that can help him/her lead this adoption. The framework and principles of SAFe adopted are meant to help in increasing the efficiency across teams in the firm. A SAFe Agilist has knowledge regarding what needs to be changed in the current agile product development. 

SAFe Agilist Certification

Implementation of Agile methods has become increasingly popular among enterprises in recent years. This leads to increased efficiency across the enterprise. The implementation of Agile is made easier through the Scaled Agile Framework. This makes the transformation effortless. 

The certification teaches the trainees Lean-Agile principles and SAFe practices. The SAFe Agilist course teaches you how to:

  • Implement SAFe and boost your productivity, improve product quality and increase employee engagement
  • Lead teams and form high-performing Agile teams
  • To implement Agile in mass organisations and align common goals for employees
  • Participate successfully in SAFe events like PI Planning

The certification and course are ideal for anyone who has:

  • Minimum 5 years of experience in software development, testing, product and project management
  • Scrum experience and knowledge 

Certification Exam

The certification is provided after you clear the exam. You can prepare for the exam by enrolling in an online course. 

  • The exam has 45 multiple type questions. 
  • You have to score a minimum of 76% marks to pass the exam
  • You have 90 minutes to attempt the exam
  • The exam is conducted online by Scaled Agile 
  • You have only one attempt to pass the exam

Responsibilities of a SAFe Agilist 

Earning a SAFe Agilist certification helps you expand your skills and experience and makes you valuable to the firm or enterprise. But this role has its responsibilities which need to be kept in mind once you enter a firm.

  • Being a leader and guiding the process of adoption of SAFe in the enterprise
  • Guiding developmental and successful processes for smooth functioning of Agile teams
  • Helping define and communicate common goals for teams across the enterprise 
  • Innovating and delivery quality to the stakeholders
  • Keeping employees and your teams motivated to increase their efficiency and quality of work 

Benefits of SAFe Agilist Certification

Preparing with the help of a leading SAFe training course online and clearing the certification exam can help you elevate your skills and open doors for various professional opportunities. The training helps you lead a Lean-Agile transformation in the firm that has become highly valuable in recent years. Employers recognize this skill set and are willing to offer a handsome salary and perks to qualified professionals. More reasons to pursue this course are:

  • The SAFe Agilist Certification is a globally recognised certification and has value all over the world. This allows you to look for career opportunities all around the world and makes you eligible to apply for them if you have this certification. It allows you to build a strong network of people and also build connections that can help you professionally
  • A certified SAfe Agilist professional is likely to be paid more than his/her peers, research shows. They are also eligible for a higher hike in their salaries.
  • The certification helps you gain access and exposure to the global network of SAFe Agilist professionals. You take part in forums and discussions and build connections with professionals from all over the world and gain more exposure and knowledge.
  • SAFe certification and training help you implement the Lean-Agile framework that makes decision making much easier. Economic estimation and forecasting risks are easier with the help of Lean Portfolio Management and Lean Finance. 
  • Helps you resolve large project complexities. Having a SAFe certification means that you are aware of how to deal with multiple teams working together. You can get different scrum teams to work together towards a common goal. This will help in getting a smoother and quicker outcome as well.
  • A SAFe Agilist certification and training also help you learn how to integrate the DevOps team in a large setup. Working together with DevOps facilitates continuous delivery to the client and management of work at a larger scale. 

SAFe Agilist certification gives you recognition in the industry and adds value to your profile. The certification backs your knowledge of the SAFe methodology and sets you apart from other professionals. It is a highly demanding global market where the right skill set is highly valuable. Top companies recognize this skill set and are looking for candidates who can add value to their companies. 

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