CBD Oil for Dogs – Benefits and Side Effects

CBD Oil for Dogs – Benefits and Side Effects

CBD (or cannabidiol) oil is steadily increasing its popularity among us, humans. This has made some people to ask the question “is CBD good for dogs?” Well, sit back as we answer some of the questions you may have on your mind.

What Is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol oil is a compound that is found in hemp plants. Using a process called CO2 extraction, the CBD is extracted with only traces of THC. This means that your pet can’t experience any psychoactive effects or, in other words, your dog can’t get “high.” Marijuana plants grow trichomes when they start flowering, and these trichomes have the oils which contain the THC. During the process, most of the THC is separated from the marijuana plant to make CBD oil.

To learn more about the CO2 extraction method, you can read this article.

Is CBD Legal?

Well, it’s legal in most states but other states have not legalized it yet. So if you want to know whether it has been legalized in the area you live, you can search online.

Side Effects of Cannabidiol Oil in Dogs

Since there isn’t really any official dosage for dogs taking CBD, a decrease or an increase in dose could cause certain side effects. Before you start giving your dog cannabidiol, make sure to see your vet to give you the right dosage in order to avoid side effects.

The side effects are diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, and lack of appetite. They could also experience dry mouth, increased heart rate, high BP, and anxiety. Once your vet has given you a go ahead to give your dog CBD make sure you buy the right products.

We are saying this because some people sell the oil which still contains a lot of THC and this can affect your dog in other ways. If the product has been approved by the animal welfare, you can be sure it’s the right one to get for your dog.

Benefits of Cannabidiol

Now that we have talked about the side effects let’s talk about the benefits and what CBD oil can treat.

Can Reduce Anxiety

We know that we said before that one of the side effects of cannabidiol is that it can cause anxiety, but that is if the right dosage isn’t given. But if you give your dog the right amount of this oil, it can battle the three leading causes of anxiety. They are, separation, fear, and confinement.

This claim hasn’t really been studied deeply but it has been said that cannabidiol has helped reduce anxiety in some study participants. It has been tried on both humans and some animals, and it has proven effective in dogs as well.

Learn about more benefits here: https://www.petmd.com/dog/general-health/cannabis-oil-dogs-everything-you-need-know.

Decreases Nausea

For those who rear dogs, CBD oil is recommended highly for the dogs that have reduced appetite because of drugs or diseases. Your dog might have a lack of appetite because of nausea. So, by combating the nausea, your dog’s appetite may return. And also know CBD for dogs.

Increases Heart Health

Even though some studies are still being performed, CBD oil has been proven to reduce high BP in some dogs which, in turn, gives them a healthier heart. Studies were also performed on humans and other animals and they showed changes. 

Reduces Inflammation and Pain

Dogs which have conditions like cancer, back pain, and arthritis are given cannabidiol to reduce the inflammation and pain. The CBD works by increasing the development of anti-inflammatory substances and reducing the growth of inflammatory ones. Studies conducted on more than one different dog type that suffers from arthritis have also proven its effectiveness in relieving pain. Most of the dogs showed improvement afterwards. It is also said that it can relieve bone pain, nerve pain, and swelling.

Improves Sleep

Even though research has shown CBD helps modulate sleep, the process of how it does that is still being discovered. Researchers think that CBD and THC work in their own different ways. While CBD is like a waking agent, THC is a sleep agent. This may not look like it can improve your dog’s sleep at night. However, some researchers say that by acting as a waking agent in the day, the cannabidiol might help with getting better sleep in the night.

It Protects the Nervous System

For dogs that suffer from nervous and spinal issues and degenerative myelopathy, CBD can help. Studies have shown that it helps those with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer diseases by keeping toxicity away from the brain cells. This great product for dogs has also been proven to be effective in stopping cell death in the brain.

Reduce Seizures

In some studies that were done a while ago, cannabidiol was used in order to reduce the frequency of seizures in animals like mice. The oil has also been proven to reduce seizure frequency more effectively in dogs than other medications. All these tests were conducted at the point when their BP was at its maximum. So, it’s still unconfirmed as to whether it will be as effective when their BP is normal. However, since this treatment has worked for humans, there is a high probability that it’ll work on dogs as well.


We have gotten to the end of this article. You can go ahead and try this treatment for your dog after consulting your vet. There may be a few risks but none of them is fatal. And when you look at it, the benefits outweigh the risks a lot.


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