Moviezwap 2024: New Leaks, Illegal Film Downloads

Moviezwap 2024: New Leaks, Illegal Film Downloads

The illegal film piracy website, Moviezwap 2021, together with other such illegal sites, is creating massive problems for the Indian entertainment and film industries by circulating them free to people thus causing revenue loss to the directors, producers, distributors and cinema hall owners.

Despite launching efforts, the Indian law enforcement agencies have not been able to catch the main operators of Moviezwap that is posing a grave danger to the healthy growth of the Indian entertainment industry as a whole. It plagiarizes entertainment content and making them easily downloaded by thousands of movie viewers without paying any money. 

Downloading films from illegal pirated websites like is a criminal offence. Never indulge in any such activity. 

What Is Moviezwap?

Moviezwap.HD violates all rules, regulations and norms of the film copyright act. Though such activities are punishable under the Indian legal system, Moviez wap continues to indulge in illegal uploading of entertainment contents, their downloading by people, copying and free viewing across India and other parts of the world. 

The piracy website Moviezwap 2021 breaks the law and violates the copyright act by illegally uploading new releases of cinemas in Hindi and all other regional Indian languages, television soaps and different other digital entertainment contents. 

Under the film copyright act, such activities are punishable by jail terms and cash fines. Yet, this piracy website is indulged in it. In India and most other countries, a prior paid license or copyright permission is required for showing such entertainment contents. 

Contravening these rules, Movizwap uploads English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada films and television serials and different other entertainment contents. The piracy website makes all these just freely available to the people the world over. 

Has Moviezwap 2021 Booked With Any Criminal Charges

Any torrent site including Movieszwap functions in such a way taking advantage of the latest new techniques in the digital platform and Information Technology that catching them becomes almost impossible for the law enforcing agencies. 

This is one of the primary reasons why the Government of India had not been able to slap with any criminal charges. However, it must be kept in mind by those downloading films from this piracy site that all those doing so are also liable to face criminal charges for freely downloading the entertainment contents. 

List of similar websites like Moviezwap movie download site

Moviezwap 2021 Has Vast Collection of Movies

Movie zwap has gained massive popularity across the world for the benefit of downloading the entertainment contents very easily and also due to its variety. 

It plagiarizes movies and television shows and all other forms of entertainment contents virtually in all Indian languages besides English. It has a vast stock of such contents in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. 

To further popularize it, Telugu moviezwap also dubs movies from English and Hindi to other languages of India and vice versa. It also illegally copies WWE Shows and makes them available to a large section of people. 

Hit Films in Indian Languages Leaked Illegally by Movie Zwap 

Infamous for leaking hit films, including those just released or during the pendency of box office showing of such movies, moviezwap.HD hugely damaged the income of big-budget movies. 

This illegal leaking of movies is greatly damaging the entertainment industry of India. To refer to few cases of films plagiarized by Moviezwap 2021 and allowed their easy and free download, we can name Kanni Madam, Rajini, Mrs Serial Killer and Amrutharamam. 

Some other cases of such illegal copying of popular language films are Kanulu Kanulanu Dhochhaayante, Bheeshma, Sin, Aswathama and Four More Shots Please. Telugu moviezwap continues to share the pirated version of the latest Telugu movies online on its platform. 

Popularity Level of Moviezwap 2021

This is an extremely popular torrent site. It is being downloaded for free by films lovers all across the world besides India. The latest compilation of data about downloading pattern of films from this illegal site by gives us alarming figures. 

This illegal site is globally known, used and regularly downloaded from. It has a global Alexa Rank of 2,089,656 which is based on global traffic data collection (done by

On monitoring such a trend of visit, found that 5 pages of Moviezwap 2021 or Movieszwap are browsed daily by one user and they spend 2.35 minutes on it daily. is believed to be worth US$ 2,080. It clocks advertisement revenue of US $ 1,860 annually.


The trend of digitally pirated versions of films is growing in India. Moviezwap 2021 (Movizwap) is one of its examples as there are many such toxic sites. Therefore, there is a need to raise the awareness of people so that they desist from downloading films from such torrent sites. 


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