Expert Advice Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips for Businesses

Expert Advice Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips for Businesses

Steve Jobs already said that “Consumers don’t know what they want until we show it to them.” And he added: “If (your product) is not on the internet, it does not exist.” These two sentences summarize the present and, above all, the future of any marketing strategy for any type of business: everything happens on the Internet. And if you are still not clear, perhaps a couple of figures will help you understand it,  85% of the population in our environment is already a user of the Network, and just last year 1,770 million people made an online purchase in the world, 8% more than in 20119. They are strong arguments, right? You know these numbers will go high in the coming years as network costs are coming down, and internet prices are at an all-time low, matching the cheaper electronic process. So, people are going to buy more products online. Take up this Digital Marketing Course to capitalize on this growing trend and drive your organization’s success.

Well, these five other reasons will help you convince yourself of the advantages of incorporating your business into the digital world.

It reaches a global market

If you have a potential market of 3.7 billion people and going up, why give it up? Maybe your business is not appropriate for all of them, but it will allow you to expand your clientele exponentially. And, above all, it will help you to make yourself known beyond your territorial scope.

On the internet everything is measurable

One of the great advantages that the Internet and web analytics give you is that they allow you to measure everything and take the temperature of your business in real-time from how many people visit your website to which products on your page are the most viewed. And through social networks, you can receive invaluable interactions from your customers, and understand their needs, tastes and desires. Almost nothing.

You can adjust your budget

Many of the tools of the digital world, such as blogs and social networks, are free, and that allows you to derive more resources to take care of your digital strategy. In addition, the cost of Digital accessibility solutions is lower than offline and allows you to segment your audience based on your target audience.

You have a basic showcase

Imagine that you have heard of a service or product and want to get additional information. What do you do? Look it up on the internet. But, have you wondered what you would think if you did not find references to that product or service on the Internet? You would be suspicious, right? Well, your potential clients too.

Availability and permanent communication

The Internet does not close. Anyone can get information about your company, and even buy from it, at any time of the day, every day of the year. And if you have decided to design a strategy through social networks, you will also have a permanent communication channel to be able to dialogue with your customers at any time.

What do you think? Are these reasons enough to embark on the digital world? If you no longer have doubts, now you must define how to do it appropriately. And for this, we are going to offer you 10 Steps to Create a Website More Attractive.

Top 10 digital marketing tips for your business

1. Maintain a good SEO strategy

Did you know that the top five websites ranked in organic searches account for 70% of total visits? That is why it is convenient that you reinforce the position of your website with a good digital strategy agency.

2. Includes a clear call to action

Both your website and your social networks have to have a clear objective and you must make sure to include one or more calls to action so that the internet user gets where you want.

3. Define the route well

It offers people who enter your page a simple path to conversion and avoids having to do a lot of scrolling. As you already know, we all have very little patience when it comes to browsing.

4. Use graphic elements judiciously

The images, videos and animated content that you include on your website and on your networks must be of quality, but they must also respond to the objective you are pursuing. So run away from the catalogue photos.

5. Ask only for the necessary information

If you include forms on your website, make sure they only ask for relevant and necessary information. A person who perceives that they are asking for more data than is essential will distrust or even think that you are wasting their time.

6. Facilitates things

Make things easier for less-skilled people. Try to make your page have drop-down layers that appear when we place the cursor over certain places and include explanatory texts on the main actions on screens and buttons.

7. Humanize the web

Your page has to generate trust and security. Say who you are and where you are; Includes other people’s opinions or quality seals and safety certificates. If someone has the slightest doubt about the security of your page, they will immediately abandon it and will not return.

8. Anticipate and correct failures

Errors make a poor impression on users and reduce conversion rates. Images that do not exist and show an error symbol, links or buttons that do not work or show the famous message “Error-404”, parts of the web that do not load are poison for your website.

And now that you have guaranteed the usability of your website, it’s your turn to make it visible:

9. Prepare a design that engages

The first impression is what counts. Visitors decide in just a couple of seconds whether to stay and continue reading or leaving. A good first impression is one that occurs when a user thinks she has come to the right place.

10. Campaigns increase your visibility

Complement your digital strategy with search engine marketing or display network campaigns because they will help you increase the visibility of your business. In addition, you can adjust the campaign to your budget.

Any questions you have regarding “Top 10 digital marketing tips for your business” you can leave it in the comments.

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