Enhancing eCommerce Industry Email Automation Strategies Unveiled

Enhancing eCommerce Industry Email Automation Strategies Unveiled

Around 29% of marketers consider email marketing to be cost-effective and conducive to their marketing efforts. And, more than 90% of them use email to distribute content and increase brand awareness. But, that means everyone is running email campaigns and competing for the customer’s attention. To stay ahead of the curve, you need to send timely emails at the right opportunity to capitalize on the customer’s behavior. Email automation helps you achieve that. It helps you stay consistent and keep your subscribers updated on the latest news about your eCommerce brand. You can hire email marketing experts to help you set up automated email systems during the initial phase. Below you will find what is email automation and some examples of automated email templates.

What is email automation?

Email automation is all about setting pre-defined triggers to send targeted and personalized emails to your subscribers. Customer behavior and their specific online interactions can be set as triggers. Email automation reduces the workload of marketers and helps them focus on customer service. You can also send reminders and timely discount coupons to the customers and keep them up to date with the brand. In a nutshell, email automation is all about sending the right emails at the right moment. 

To set up triggers and email sequences, you need email marketing software that supports these features. In addition to that, you need to hire email marketing experts to help you optimize the process. Expert email marketers link the web and social media analytics with their email marketing software. This process allows them to target people based on their behavior, average cart value, preference, online interactions, and previous purchases. On top of that, using this data, they can personalize each email and increase their relevance. 

Benefits of email automation

  • Scales your marketing efforts

Scaling your email campaign strategies becomes increasingly difficult as your customer base increases. But, with email automation, you only have to set the triggers, and the system takes care of the rest. The email automation software is updated whenever a new customer signs up for your mailing list. Since the customer’s behavior guides the system, it removes any manual intervention. 

  • Increase your retention rate 

It’s no secret that retaining and re-engaging existing customers is far more effective than bringing new prospects and converting them. With email automation, you can schedule your emails to periodically engage your customers and stay on top of their minds. You can maximize the impact of your engagement emails by making them relevant using personalization and segmentation tactics. Ensure that you are not bombarding your customer’s inboxes with automated email sequences as it might encourage them to unsubscribe from your mail list. 

  • Keep your brand consistent

As mentioned earlier, email marketing reduces the need of managing and scheduling essential emails. As a result, the marketers can focus on perfecting the copy and creating guidelines to maintain the quality of future templates. Similarly designed emails reinforce your brand identity and foster trust. 

Must-have automated eCommerce emails

  • Welcome emails

Welcome email automation makes the customer’s onboarding and integration process smoother and more streamlined. Marketers do not have to rely on the intuitiveness of the customers and smart nudges on the website to guide them through your website and app. Moreover, a welcome email helps you establish the expectations of their customers. 

Eero sends a simple welcome to their subscribers the moment they sign up to your mailing list. First, the copy thanks to the customer for signing up. Then, it tells what kind of emails the customer will receive in the near future. They have attached blog links for updates about the company, recent trends in their industry, and customer reviews. 


  • Abandoned cart emails

Automating your abandoned cart emails is absolutely crucial to recovering the lost sales of your eCommerce brand. A staggering 45% of the abandonment emails are opened, and 50% of those subscribers complete their purchase. You can either send a single abandoned cart email to your customers, or a few of them over a couple of weeks. Just ensure that you are following all the best practices to create a convincing cart recovery email. 

Homes Alive uses a witty email copy in its recovery email to engage the customers. They inform the customer that they have saved their cart. By stating that the cart is expiring soon, they have also fabricated a false sense of urgency. Following the best practices, they have added the products in the cart in the template along with thei.r image, quantity, and price. Lastly, both the bright orange CTA buttons redirect the customer to the cart to complete the checkout process. 

  • Browse abandonment email

Currently, browse abandonment emails are one of the trending automated email campaigns for the eCommerce industry. These emails are designed to recognize and reduce the churn rate of the customers while they are browsing your products. Unlike abandoned cart emails, browse abandonment emails are sent the moment a customer exits the page while browsing a product.

Specialized sends an automated browse abandonment email to its prospects whenever they close the website while browsing a product. The email copy is concise and asks the subscribers to take a second look. Specialized includes the product’s image and a CTA button that leads directly to the product page. Furthermore, they have added a discount code to incentivize first-time buyers.


The final steps of email automation include optimizing the campaign by A/B testing all the features. E-commerce brand marketers need to pay close attention to the results of these tests and constantly improve their automated campaigns.

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