OnlyFans vs Just For Fans: Key Differences & What’s Better?

OnlyFans vs Just For Fans: Key Differences & What’s Better?

Today, video content is much more popular than text. People and young audiences love the idea of creating interesting audiovisual content and letting them go viral. Unfortunately, you can’t create all types of content on social media. Most social media platforms have specific guidelines that you have to follow. 

That’s why adult video content creators and pornstars often publish their videos and photos on adult social media community sites like and 

These sites allow you to publish uncensored photographs and videos, including pornographic and (consensual) sexually explicit video content and images. Though people can share these platforms to create normal videos, too, these sites are hugely popular for showcasing adult video content, which you can’t see on any other social media platforms. However, subscribers or fans have to pay a specific subscription fee to access such content on either site.

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What are Onlyfans and Just For Fans?

Onlyfans and JustForFans are two different digital membership sites designed for creators to use subscriptions to their exclusive content. 

The creators can generate income online through these two sites. These websites facilitate them to interact with the fans. These fan sites enable adult content creators on multiple subjects and topics to earn money through various monetization methods. 

The monetization method primarily is to create adult audio-visual content and sell it to subscribers. 

Usually, a monthly subscription fee is charged by the content creators from the content buyers or subscribers. You can also upload videos on both of these sites and set a rate that your subscriber has to pay in order to access your videos or photos. You can even chat with your subscribers one to one through the sites’ direct message (DM) section.

Onlyfans Vs Just For Fans: Key Differences & What’s Better?

Both these digital platforms help you monetize your videos and non-video written content. However, there are certain key differences between Onlyfans and JustForFans. These key differences are explained below: 

Key Differences

  1. From the angle of popularity, OnlyFans is much ahead of JustForFans.  
  2. OnlyFans has a massive fan following. JustForFans has far fewer subscribers. OnlyFans has 85 million registered subscribers. JustForFans has far fewer subscribers. 
  3. OnlyFans has 1 million content creators. JustForFans has much fewer content creators. 
  4. The content quality of OnlyFans is much higher than JustForFans. 

OnlyFans and JustForFans: Which One is Better?

Both digital platforms are popular. However, when you compare them, you find that OnlyFans is a better alternative than JustForFans. The following points clarify it:

  1. Onlyfans has already emerged as a brand. JustForFans is yet to achieve that status. 
  2. Comparatively speaking, the features of Onlyfans are much better than that of JustForFans. 
  3. In respect of privacy, OnlyFans is a better option than JustForFans. To exemplify, OnlyFans used the Geo-blocking system to guarantee privacy. JustForFans is yet to introduce such a privacy system. 
  4. Onlyfans is easier to use when compared to JustForFans.
  5. JustForFans offers more options and tools for content creators and fans than OnlyFans. 

Differences between OnlyFans and JustForFans & Which is Superior?

Earning of OnlyFans is much higher than JustForFans. The users of the OnlyFans App also make a larger profit than the App users of JustForFans. 

From the monetary angle, the OnlyFans App brings the following benefit to its users than the App of JustForFans:

  1. OnlyFans allows the minimum payout at $20 but JustForFans this amount is $50. Hence, you have to wait for a longer period for a payout in the case of JustForFans. 
  2. OnlyFans content creators can withdraw their earnings anytime they want once they reach the threshold limit. But those of JustForFans can withdraw their earnings only once a week. Thus, the cash roll benefit is more with OnlyFans creators or influencers as compared to JustForFans. 
  3. OnlyFans offer greater referral payouts than JustForFans. 
  4. Your earning potential is much higher on the OnlyFans platform because this content platform has much more subscribers than JustForFans App. 
  5. On OnlyFans, you keep an 80% payout whereas it is 70% in the case of JustForFans. 

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Monetization Techniques in Both OnlyFans App and Just For Fans

You need to know the method of monetizing from both of these platforms. There are several ways through which you can reap financial benefits by maximizing your income through both these platforms. 

The following methods may help you earn a larger income by using these two platforms:

  1. You can earn more if you can attract users to the sites through engaging content meant for adult page visitors or viewers. The best way to do this is to make the content informative, useful, and interesting. This will attract a larger number of adult viewers. Your income will automatically go up. 
  1. Another important monetization method is to make use of different social media platforms. Your own social media account on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and Reddit can help you publicize the teaser of your content, which will be exclusively available to either Justfor. fans or onlyfans. com.
  2. Your teasers and previews of content can help you organically grow your income. This facility is not there in the case of JustForFans.
  1. Subscription earning for both platforms can be a major option for you to monetize. 
  1. Premium messaging can be another monetization route that you can follow to earn more money. Under this system, content creators can directly reach out to fans. Such personal messages are delivered on a per-view basis. 
  1. Users of the platforms can write to content creators free of cost but their replies will cost money. 

It means the replies will be visible to the subscribers only when they pay for it. This can be your source of earnings.   

Which one is Easy To Use?

The functional procedures of both Apps are the same, more or less. However, Onlyfans is comparatively easy to use than JustForFans. 

One of the reasons for it is that OnlyFans has fewer features and is a less bloated site than JustForFans. As a result, you find Onlyfans much easier to operate and use. 

The quality of videos and pictures uploaded in OnlyFans is better than JustForFans. As a demonstrator, narrator, exhibitionist, adult video star, or performer, you can live stream on OnlyFans. But you cannot reap this benefit with JustForFans. 

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Both the digital platforms – OnlyFans and JustForFans – are popular across the globe. They upload new content regularly and also customize them. Though OnlyFans is the most popular, JustForFans too is catching up fast with its engaging content and videos. 

Currently, they are competing with each other. OnlyFans caters to the needs of all people while JustForFans mainly targets the gay community. 

Both these digital platforms are trying to emerge as major global social networking and relationship sites. Basically, they are fan club sites but sprawling to other areas also. Both platforms have referral programs. 

Through referral programs, the subscribers or viewers of sites can connect to each other. A content creator can earn money through referrals. They can promote the sites by recommending other creators to the Apps of both platforms. 

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