Top 25+ Soccer Platform Prediction Sites for 2024 Insights

Top 25+ Soccer Platform Prediction Sites for 2024 Insights

There are a large number of soccer platforms and prediction sites which the outcome of soccer matches & live events. These sites also facilitate betting or soccer match predictions. Besides, they systematically explain why they select a particular team as the probable winner before the match starts. They use different parameters to predict the result of the game. 

Top 30 Soccer Platform Prediction Sites

1. Houdini Predictions

Any soccer lover can visit this site for free, this is one of the soccerplatform prediction. One of the reasons why this site is becoming popular is its live recommendations on matches. Soccer lovers can get live updates and view the game on their devices. They can also bet on live soccer matches. 

2. 22bet

This is another popular soccer prediction site where you can see a live performance and also bet. The live results with necessary updates are also published. This site is known for its (near right) predictions. Besides, you can also get relevant information about soccer clubs, teams, the background of players, and the latest news on major soccer leagues.  

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3. Betzodiac

This site is popular among soccer fans as it gives regular analyses of the results of the matches. It also mentions the career of the coaches and players. The site helps fans bet on their favorite players or team. 

4. Betro

This website predicts the outcome of games. It also regularly gives tips on individual players and teams. This can help you bet and win (after reviewing the past performances of the players). 

5. Matchplug

The prediction of this website is mostly correct. It issues up to 10 bets in a week with tips.  

6. All Soccer Predictions

This site is known for its successful betting. Tips and articles posted on the site are helpful. Many of the site’s news and articles are written by experts. 

7. Forebet

This site is known for its vast database on soccer matches and performance-wise data of soccer matches spanning 15 years. Explanations of nearly 200 leagues in Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, North America, and Australia are posted on it. It also provides statistical data, live scores, game previews, and expert reviews.

8. Suretakes

It is known for their higher accuracy in prediction. It updates regularly. It takes into account a large number of factors like the players concerned, the background of coaches, and previous performances of players for match predictions. 

9. Adibet

It is a popular free soccer prediction site. Every week, Adibet issues about six posts. Soccer enthusiasts often use the site’s analysis for sports betting.

10. WinDrawWin

It covers over 120 global soccer leagues. Also, it provides about 20,000 predictions in each soccer season and fans depend much on such predictions to bet. The site also explains betting methods for a safe betting experience. 

11. SportyTrader

This site, founded in 2005, is popular for online sports betting. The predictions are considered reliable. It carries out research on the soccer field and predicts according to the research. 

12. MightyTips

It gives valuable tips on betting and also analyses the final matches. Fans can have a glimpse of previous matches by accessing its online video library. Soccer enthusiasts love the site for its easy interface.

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13. PredictZ

It issues seven posts per week. These updates help soccer fans to bet correctly. The site also provides safe bet tips. 

14. Confirm Bets

This is a reliable prediction site. It often issues tips on correct betting based on the track record of the team and its players. The site’s analytical method is reliable. 

15. Betpera

Betpera is known for its prediction-related accuracy. Soccer fans depend on this site for taking decisions on betting. It also issues jackpot predictions, victor predictions and sure bets.

16. Betensured

This site is gaining fast popularity as its betting-related predictions are valued by soccer lovers. Analytics of matches and individual performance of soccer players comes as a great aid for the betting community. 

17. Overlyzer

This website is famous for its strong database, statistics and analysis of matches with stock-taking of reasons for the victory of teams. It also highlights the performance of individual players. The phone app facility extended by it to soccer lovers enables them to get all important news, information and forecasts about the matches. 

18. XyzScore

This is a multi-dimensional site that also predicts soccer games besides providing important news and information on Foreign Exchange Trading or Forex, share market price movement of stocks and commodities exchange price fluctuations. It issues tips on all the above things and also guides soccer fans on betting on live matches. 

19. Main-Bet

This is quite a popular site used by thousands of soccer fans both to get current information and also to bet taking into account the tips it has issued. It is conserved a reliable soccer site and its predictions are valued by soccer fans. 

20. 99tipster

This free site has been gaining popularity through its VIP betting tips. These tips guarantee a 99% success rate. For this, however, you have to follow the 99+ free betting tips issued by it. It also issues betting tips up to 72 hours before matches take place. 


This is a well-known soccer prediction platform that is being used by thousands of people for betting. They also use this platform operating online since 2017 to gather information. 

22. Betloy

This site is known for its useful hints on betting. For such hints, this site carries out research based on data and statistics. As a soccer fan, you can get useful hints on which team you should bet on and how you should go about your betting. 

23. BrokerStorm

This site forecasts soccer matches. It gives you major picks, predictions, betting tips and all other information on teams and leagues.  

24. Solopredict

One of the reasons behind the growing popularity of this site is the fact that it explains logically how they predict the winning possibility of a team. This makes it quite a valuable site to bet on. The logical deduction of why a team should win is much valued by soccer fans. 

25. Tipsterion

This free site guides you to bet on matches. It also gives you winning tips based on the winning trend of a particular team. This is quite a popular site worldwide. 

26. Vip Soccer Tips

This site issues regular news and information on different teams and also issues profiles of players. The winning tips provided on this site are considered important as they usually come true. A large number of soccer fans follow this site on regular basis. 

27. Matchgains

Matchgains is an important match prediction site. Those who bet on soccer matches depend on this site greatly. 


This site updates regularly and also guides soccer fans on how they should bet. It offers them realistic approaches to their betting ventures. This is a popular site. 

29. BetCook

Of late, this site has gained much momentum in viewing due to its usually right-winning prediction. This helps soccer fans to bet on the right team. 

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Soccer is a popular game in different parts of the world. Being popular, soccer matches attract betting in huge numbers. The soccer prediction sites guide fans on their betting. However, sports betting is always speculative and can lead to financial losses.

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