Enhance Customer Relations: Employee Time Tracking Software

Enhance Customer Relations: Employee Time Tracking Software

Many small business owners are hesitant to implement employee time tracking software. There is a valid concern that the cost and effort it requires would be prohibitive or too difficult for most companies. Fortunately, there is employee time tracking software out there that is cost-effective, easy to use, and does not require any technical skill.

Employees spend more than 90% of their time in front of a computer. They are responsible for managing their own time and spending it as best as they can. By monitoring all of this information and reporting it back to an external resource, employees can make informed decisions based on how they are spending their time.

Some companies that have implemented employee time tracking software have found that the money spent purchasing the solution was less than the benefits they received in terms of increased productivity and fewer absenteeism claims. This is because employees are happier and healthier in a company environment where they have greater control over their time tracking process.

You may be wondering how absenteeism could impact customer relations. The truth is, that even having one employee not show up for their shift could affect their entire team. When an employee doesn’t show up for their shift, other co-workers need to cover for them. If that individual already has a heavy workload, piling on more work could lead to resentment and dissatisfaction. This, in turn, can significantly impact the customer experience if they are dealing with a disgruntled employee.

With that being said, it is imperative to keep employee absenteeism under control. If it becomes a reoccurring issue, then meet with the employee to determine the cause of the absenteeism. If they are merely absent-minded and need some help to ensure they get to work on time, your employee time tracking software can likely help. Most time clock solutions provide reminders of upcoming shifts to help ensure workers arrive on time.

Another positive side effect of using employee timesheet software is the increase in employee loyalty in the long run. When your employees are not at risk of being terminated or are given poor performance reviews due to a lack of inadequate time management, they are far more willing to work harder. This increase in productivity will also benefit your company as a whole, and the result will be higher sales and higher profits.

Along with improving employee relations, online timesheet software can also improve customer relations. When employees are happy, they are much likely to work harder and put their best foot forward when dealing with customers. Customers can quickly tell if an employee is providing average customer service or going above and beyond, so it’s essential to keep your employees as happy as possible.

If you are still using a manual time tracking process at your place of work, then now may be the time to invest in modern work tracking software. Not only does an online timecard system accurately monitor employee work hours, but it can also track bonuses, time off, and how many hours an employee is scheduled to work each week.

Keep in mind that the time tracking process, including payroll processing, can directly impact your employees, which affects their experiences with your customers. To ensure that your employees stay as happy as possible and provide your customers with the best service, you should implement employee time tracking software that is easy to use and always accurate.

By using time clock software, you can easily monitor how many hours your employees have spent working, which can help you determine how well their workloads meet customer demand. If an employee is overwhelmed, you can redistribute their workload amongst other employees, thereby improving future customer interactions.


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