File:///sdcard/gallery – 13 Fixes Of Files Not Showing?

File:///sdcard/gallery – 13 Fixes Of Files Not Showing?

SD cards can be a must for any device that utilizes these cards, whether personal or professional. They let you store the device’s images, videos, and other data. However, if your SD card doesn’t show in the Gallery when you attempt to access it, the chances are that the card isn’t functioning properly. There are several solutions to this problem. The most commonly used option is to format the SD card and look for any mistakes.

What is File:///sdcard/gallery?

There isn’t a definitive answer to this query, as it could mean many different things. This could refer to a file on an SD card containing photos from their Gallery or an image file that is saved in the SD card and linked to the gallery application.

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What are the Causes for Files in SD Card Not Showing in File:///sdcard/gallery?

There are a variety of reasons that could be why files on the file:///sdcard/ do not appear in the Gallery. One possible cause is that the gallery application cannot open the damaged files. The other possibility is the SD card isn’t properly formatted, and the gallery app is unable to be able to read the files. There are a variety of possible reasons that could cause files to not appear on gallery apps.

  • The file is saved within the SD card, but it is not in a compatible format.
  • The file is saved within the SD card. However, it is not accessible due to permissions for the file.
  • SD card is not being mounted correctly.
  • The SD card is damaged.
  • There’s an issue with the Gallery application in itself.
  • The device is not equipped with adequate storage to hold the file.
  • This file may be damaged or corrupted.
  • It is encrypted and can’t be decrypted.

How to Fix Files in SD Card Not Showing in File:///sdcard/gallery?

Solution 1: Check the SD card compatibility

In the beginning, check if you can determine if the SD cards are compatible with your camera or not. You can verify this by reading the manual of the camera.

Solution 2: Try Another SD card

If you’re getting the “This card is not a compatible error, ” you could try another SD card. If the error persists even with an alternative SD card, it is a problem with the camera.

Solution 3: Format the SD card

  • If you’re getting the “This card cannot be used error message when trying to format your SD card, you could try formatting the card using your computer.
  • Open My Computer, then add your SD card.
  • Click right-clicking on the SD card, and then select the option ‘Format.’
  • Format the SD card and insert it into the camera once more.

Solution 4: Create the SD card with the camera

  • If you’re receiving a “This card is not able to be used error while formatting your SD card for the camera. You can easily format the card using your computer.
  • Go to My Computer, then add an SD card.
  • Click right-clicking on the SD card, and then select Format.
  • Then, format the SD card and insert it back into the camera.

Solution 5: Verify the slot on your SD card

If you’re getting the “This card is not able to be user error. In that case, you need to clean the SD slot on your card.

Solution 6: Replace the SD card slot

If you’re receiving a “This card is not able to be used error when you’re looking to reformat the SD card in the camera. You could attempt to replace the SD slot on the card.

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Solution 7: Reconnect your SD card and Restart the phone

Removing and reinserting the SD card can also be helpful. To do so:

  • Take off The SD Card and inspect it for any damage. If that is not the case, clean the dust off the SD card.
  • Insert your SD card in the SD slot on your phone.
  • Check to see whether your memory card is being recognized by activating your phone.

Solution 8: Scan and Remove Viruses or Malware

  • An easy and no-cost recovery solution to repair damaged memory cards with the virus.
  • The steps are in the following order:
  • Inject a virus-infected SD card into the system
  • Open the Start menuEnter cmd. Enter
  • Right-click Exe -> type “attrib -h -r -s /s /d drive letter:*. *”
  • In the meantime, Windows will repair virus-infected SD Cards. After successful completion, you can check the status of the device.

Solution 9: Change Storage Settings to Show hidden files on file///sdcard/gallery

The Gallery on your phone offers the option of showing hidden files if they were accidentally deleted or for mysterious reasons. You can enable it by going to the settings for storage under Gallery and selecting the three right-hand dots. The hide hidden files option will appear.

  • Click the Samsung phone tab on your mobile
  • Browse my file (There are Three dots on the left-hand side) >> click on the three dots and then Show hidden files)
  • Open the internal Storage under MY FILES. Click the three dots in the upper left on the right side. The Show hidden options will appear to Enable it.

Solution 10: Remove Write Protection on Your SD Card

If your SD card is not showing any files, you can use the following command to remove its protection against writing from the SD card. You will need to replace disk 1 with your own drive letter.

Solution 11: Remove the .nomedia file on the sd card

The .nomedia folder may get the music, images, and videos not showing up in the file///sdcard/gallery. Remove this file from your SD card folder. Follow the easy steps to remove it:
Make sure your SD card is connected to a computer using a memory card reader or your mobile phone if the PC can read the sd card. Once you have loaded the SD card into your computer, browse its folders containing your images, music, or videos.

Solution 12: Show SD Card Quarantined Items Files on PC

If the sd card’s files, such as images or MP3 files, or video files. Quarantined as a result of virus infection, the SD card files could be removed or quarantined.

  • Connect your SD card to a computer and then open your security program like Windows Defender > find HISTORY > QUARANTINED ITEMS, and check the sd card’s files are present.

Solution 13: Recover the Deleted sd card files with the Data Recovery tool

If you are seeking free SD programs for recovering data from SD cards, Disk Drill is an excellent place to begin, and we highly recommend it for download if you have important data on your SD card. Available for the most recent versions of Windows, such as Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10. Disk Drill Free version lets you recover up to 500MB of images and images, music or videos from an SD card at no cost. It’s also compatible with a large array of devices for storage, ranging from SanDisk and Samsung SD and micro SD to SDHC, SDXC and CF. In addition, it can read a wide range of unique formats of files, like EXT, NTFS, HFS+, and FAT32.

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Where are Photos Stored on Android Phones?

On an Android phone like the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, when there is nomedia android, the media or photos are typically stored in the phone’s internal storage or on a file manager sd card. If you have a microSD card installed, you can choose to back up your photos to the card. This can be done through the built-in file manager or a third-party app. If you move photos to the SD card Samsung, you can use a file explorer to navigate to the “SDcard/Pictures” or “SDcard/DCIM” folder to access your photos. It’s important to note that placing a “.nomedia” file in a folder will prevent the media scanner from detecting the files in that folder and they will not show up in your phone’s my gallery of photos or other apps that use the media library. If you’re unable to find a phone gallery, it’s possible it was deleted or is not being detected by the media scanner.


If your SD Card is not showing in Gallery or is not functioning properly. The card may be damaged. To repair the SD Card Not Showing in Gallery, verify that the card isn’t hurt and remove any unnecessary data on the card. If the above methods fail, you might require a replacement SD Card.

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