Most Effective Tips for Your First Google Ads Campaign

Most Effective Tips for Your First Google Ads Campaign

Even if you just started your business and have not really had the chance to build a larger amount of traffic for your website, you should start working with Google Ads as soon as your website starts functioning properly.

Building awareness, increasing traffic, and generating leads are things that can be strongly influenced and grown by using a smart Google Ads strategy. Therefore, a lot of new online businesses choose to work with a professional agency to help with Google Ads because these metrics are essential for a website.

On the other hand, smaller businesses, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic having its impact on the eCommerce market, have limited budgets and prefer to learn working on Google Ads on their own. Therefore today, we will share some of the practical tips for your first Google Ads campaign.

Tip #1: Plan Your Keywords

A successful ad campaign on Google Ads starts by choosing the best keywords for your business. Although if it is the first time you are planning a Google Ads campaign, it might seem tricky because using both too generic and too specific keywords won’t be healthy for your campaign.

To make things easier and ensure the right choice of keywords for your Google Ads campaign, you can use a keyword planner tool from Clever Ads. What you need to do is enter your URL to see the suggested keywords and pick the best ones for your campaign.

More to it, with the mentioned tool, you can filter out the keyword results by search volume, cost-per-click, and competition. Also, the tool allows you to save, group, and create keyword lists.  

Tip #2: Choose the Right Campaign Settings

Choose the Right Campaign Settings

When you already have your Google Ads account, it is time to start your first ad campaign. Before you do that, you will need to choose between two options: “First Campaign” and “‘I’m an experienced Google Ads user.” Those people who have never worked with this platform before often choose to go the easier way without advanced options and pick the first option, “First Campaign.”

The “I’m an experienced Google Ads user” gives you the opportunity to use keyword match types, extensions, bidding strategies, demographic options, and location targeting. 

Tip #3: Choose Match Types

Choose Match Types

By using different keyword match types, you can choose what kind of terms and phrases will trigger specific search engine results and ads that are shown to your target audience. A popular selection is to use broad match types that represent a wider reach. 

A wider audience reach sounds great already, but as the search results are very far from specific, a lot of website visitors will ditch your website because it simply doesn’t meet the expectations of their search.

In order to attract more relevant searches, include exact match types to your ad campaign strategy as well. This way, you’ll both have more website traffic with broad keyword match types and a bigger percent of conversions with the exact match type keywords.

Tip #4: Be Precise About Your Goals

Be Precise About Your Goals

Google Ads is a great tool that should be a part of your digital marketing campaign. Therefore, the goals of the entire marketing campaign and Google Ads campaigns should match or help you reach the same purpose as a result. 

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses have a limited budget they can spend on advertising, especially in these difficult times of a global pandemic. Therefore, not every company can let itself bid on the most profitable keywords. 

This is why you need to be using such options and solutions as keyword planners and different match types. It will help you reach your main goal with strategic decisions rather than just buy out the best performing keywords for your business niche.

Tip #5: Analyze the Campaign Structure

Google Ads gives you the possibility to experiment with different types of advertising campaigns and add them to ad display groups. And this is one of the options that are important to use as you start your first advertising campaign because it can give you a great advantage.

Rather than creating one extensive ad campaign with a bunch of keywords, group those keywords into different display groups to make your ads more specific. This way, the ads will have a higher chance to convert because they will target a more narrowed down part of your target audience.


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