The Top 3 Web Innovations That Have Improved Our Lives

The Top 3 Web Innovations That Have Improved Our Lives

Back in the 1950’s many people had fantastical ideas of what the future would be like. They envisioned flying cars and robots that served us and all sorts of incredible things. Very few of the things they envisioned have come to fruition, but one there is one thing they were right about.

They understood that technology was going to make our lives a lot easier and in many ways a lot better. They foresaw that we would make use of the ideas of the time to then take technology to its furthest to make sure that we could organize ourselves in a way that would make the world work much more efficiently.

In particular is the internet and the things it allows us to do that would be impossible without it. What are the innovations that we rely on the most that improve our lives? Let’s take a look at the top 3.

1 – Cryptocurrency

Over a decade ago, the blockchain was created to make a currency that changed the way we view and use money. Bitcoin was invented to compete with fiat money issued by a central bank or government and offer people a secure way to store value.

It was built on a revolutionary platform called the blockchain that acts as a decentralized database and still has yet to live up to its full potential and that is even while it is currently disrupting industries on a daily basis.

Now there are a vast number of cryptocurrencies and they can be used for any number of things. The blockchain has a lot of different uses and a token for just about everything. There is even a token called Tether that was created that is always worth $1 unlike other coins like bitcoin that are now well over $10,000 in value for one coin.

And the ways that these coins can be bought so easily has given people access to complex financial instruments that would never have been possible before. You can even buy USDT with Paypal in a matter of minutes.

2 – Ecommerce

Never has it been more apparent how much online shopping has become integral to our lives as this year due to the global pandemic. There are hundreds or thousands of online stores now where you can buy just about anything.

The biggest among them of course is Amazon. We live in an age where we cannot conceive of a time when we couldn’t buy something at the click of a button and have it on our doorstep the next day. This is an incredible achievement of logistics whose only rival would be the preparation for the D-Day invasion in World War 2.

3 – The Internet of Things

The internet took a huge step forward when the cloud came into existence. Taking the computing away from devices and allowing it to be done on a powerful server opened up an enormous expansion of services available.

This, then, became the Internet of Things (IoT) that allows devices to “talk” to each other. It’s what allows you to read an article on your phone and then continue reading it on your computer.

It’s how you are able to have a wireless security system on your home and see what is happening remotely on a PC or smartphone. And it allows companies like Amazon to pull off amazing feats of logistics thanks to the high level of automation that the IoT allows for.

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