Free Spins Vs Bonus Games in Online Slots

Free Spins Vs Bonus Games in Online Slots

Online slots have managed to keep the players attracted since their inception due to their unique features. These features have grown from being very minimalistic to becoming intricately rewarding opportunities. You can find them in every slot, either as free spin rounds or bonus game features – play Cops and Robbers slots free.

This article will talk you through free spin rounds and other bonus features, along with highlighting how each of them can contribute towards making your game night highly lucrative.

Bonus Games in Slots

Today, a slot is considered incomplete without some rewarding bonus features. These bonuses are linked to special symbols called wilds and scatters. If you match 3 or more of these symbols anywhere on the reels, you are likely to trigger a bonus game in your slot. A special icon on the screen takes you to the bonus game screen, where you attempt to trigger it.

The range of bonus features is extensive in modern-day online slots. But some of the popular bonus games you can find in slots are as follows:

·         Gamble Feature

·         Pick me

·         Instant Win

·         Extra wilds

·         Pathway game

·         Cascades

·         Hold n’ Spin

·         Multi-Level

·         Pick a Box

·         Pick ‘Em

·         Spinning Wheel

·         X of Y

Free Spin Rounds in Slots

Free spin rounds in a slot are also a kind of bonus game where you are awarded free spins for extending your slot session. There are different kinds of free spin bonuses available, offering you different levels of convenience to suit your gaming requirements.

·         Free Spins Deposit Bonus

You can obtain this bonus by depositing a small amount with the casino. In return, you receive plenty of free spins to try your luck. There are often match bonuses accompanying the free spin offers. However, wagering requirements underlie this bonus and need to be met before you can withdraw your rewards.

·         Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

These bonuses get you free spins without any deposit requirements. New and seasoned players can equally enjoy this bonus. There are different versions of this bonus available, depending on the slot you have chosen. Mostly, you only need to register with an online casino and avail this bonus to start making some money.

·         Deposit Bonus with Free Spins

This is a regular bonus with a slight twist. You need to deposit money to avail of this offer, and as a package, you get bonus features along with free spins to power up your game. Wagering requirements for such bonus games are quite stringent, hence calling for the players to be more careful while opting for these bonuses.


If you are weighing your options with regards to bonus games and free spin rounds, then we expect this article to give you some clarity of thoughts while picking the best slot with suitable bonuses. Also, there are certain bonuses that only work on the desktop version of slots. So, if you are more interested in an on-the-go slot-playing experience, then double-check your choice of bonus so that you can have the required assistance even on your smartphones.


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