How many people can play bingo at once?

How many people can play bingo at once?

Aside from slots like BGT Slingo, bingo is among the most popular online casino games around and that is mainly down to its social nature. You are far more likely to play a bingo game surrounded by other players than you are any other game but why is this?

Can you play bingo with a team? How many people can play a game of bingo?

Online bingo

The thing about online bingo is, you can play anywhere at any time. On your phone, on your P.C at home or even on your lunch break at work. This makes it the perfect casino game to play with other people.

With stakes so low, it is far more likely for a person to gather round with their friends and split bingo cards and share the prizes.

In standard game of online bingo, there is no limit to how many people that can play together. It is really up to personal preference.

But what about playing against other people?

Live Bingo

In a live bingo game, there will be other people from all over the world taking part as well as the host.

Each person sets their stake and waits for their numbers to be called. How many people can join? It doesn’t matter.

Well, so long as the server can still run, players can enter the game. That mean that there is no limit to the amount of players that can join one game of live bingo. Add to that the amount of players that are actually competing together and you could have a live chat full of over a hundred people.

So, is there ever any limit to the number of bingo players?

Bingo Halls

Real bingo halls are not as popular as they used to be. That decline is due in part to how many people are making the switch to online bingo. Again, there is no set limit to how many people can take part in one game of real bingo, however too many players can make the experience a bit messy.

Physical cards run out and too many people in one room can make the bingo callers life difficult.

Plus, with all of those people all marking off numbers, even a single game of 90 ball bingo can be over in a flash. With so many people winning prizes so often it also makes the stakes and jackpots very low.

That is why there are so many different versions of online bingo. Players can join a game with as many or as few players as they like. It all depends on what type of bingo game they want to take part in.


In short, there is no limit to the amount of players that can join a game of bingo at any one time. This is because online bingo fixes a lot of the problems that larger physical games had. So, join a game today to see if you can find the optimum level of bingo players.


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