Innovative Utilization of Google Cloud Services in Education

Innovative Utilization of Google Cloud Services in Education

As a result of the rapid development of computer and information technology, an increasing number of companies are taking use of applications and services that are dependent on the Internet and on cloud automation technologies. In addition to not requiring the installation of additional hardware or software, these technologies do not require the training of individuals who already have a high level of expertise. In the workplace, automated methods allow for increased productivity as well as increased levels of competition, as it has also become possible to use side help, for example, buy coursework, written by professionals. This holds true in the realm of educational practice as well. In the modern world, people who study as well as those who teach are confronted with new obstacles. There will be a rise in the number of pupils who have access to educational opportunities as a direct result of the proliferation of cloud computing. 

As a direct result of higher education institutions using cloud technology, there has been an increase in the amount of work that is done in terms of methodology, and there has also been a necessity to implement electronic document management at all levels. This creates new opportunities for controlling the educational process. As a direct result of this, recent innovations in virtual and cloud technologies are making education more accessible.

Usage of cloud services

The cloud services that are available to educational establishments of a higher level are a full-fledged educational tool that gives them the ability to develop their very own online area and produce a customized learning atmosphere for both instructors and pupils.

We’ve found that getting young students to use Google Apps boosts their interest in learning, creates favorable conditions for their own development, creates favorable conditions for their own growth, heightens their mental activity, sharpens their ability to take in and process large amounts of data, improves their observation skills, and sharpens their search and research skills. All of these benefits are a direct result of using Google Apps. endeavors of an intellectual nature. When teachers and students in primary schools utilize Google services, they have access to a plethora of benefits, some of which are listed below: the ability to create websites and blogs; the ability to organize group projects; the ability to conduct distance-learning sessions; and more.

It was demonstrated, on the basis of scientific and methodological study, that utilizing Google-apps with younger children had a significant amount of potential. These programs, for instance, may be utilized in order to:

  • storehouse of information stored in Google Drive for the instructor Puzzles and presentations, video clips, video lessons, linkages to significant websites and resources, etc.) Simulators; test tasks; creative challenges and recommendations for their resolution; creative challenges and suggestions for their resolution; test tasks;
  • electronic boxes and accounts that were created by the pupils themselves (with parental participation required, depending on the age features of the students);
  • offering storage space to younger kids and allowing them access to it;
  • kids’ work using resources that have been uploaded to Google Drive (on the internet);
  • information passed back and forth between the student and the primary school instructor, as well as the opportunity to jot down observations, directives, and the like;
  • carrying out a wide variety of educational activities, as well as control, evaluation, and testing of all kinds, etc.

Google Drive

Google Drive is now one of the most widely used solutions for cloud storage. Users are able to download files with it, as well as create and modify documents from within the browser window. With Google Drive, you will always have access to the most recent version of any file that you produce while working online. For instructional reasons, having the option to create and edit text documents online is the most beneficial feature. To develop a wide variety of instructional resources for their students, educators frequently make use of the online tools made available by Google Drive. These tools include Google Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and Drawings. The GoogleDocs service is utilized by educators for a variety of purposes, including the improvement of the effectiveness of learning, the verification of coursework, laboratory work, and essays, as well as other purposes.

Advantages of using Google Drive in class

The user’s papers and spreadsheets that they have made may either be stored on a Google server or saved to a file as one of the primary benefits of using this tool. In order to gain access to personal documents, a password is required. 

When utilizing cloud computing, you are not constrained to a particular computer architecture and are instead free to mix and match a variety of computing components. Moving low-level computer systems to the cloud could be beneficial in more ways than one. Applications such as word processors and spreadsheet editors, in addition to email programs such as Gmail and Outlook, will continue to have a role to play in the field of education.

Advantages for teachers

It is now much simpler for educational institutions to manage their data by using Google Spreadsheets, which enables them to keep track of student scholarships, summarize data, keep track of students who study on their own timetables, and even keep track of employers. This makes it possible for educational institutions to manage their data in a number of different ways. As part of the Electronic University, teachers were given the opportunity to save their pedagogical and methodological resources in the form of electronic teaching and methodological aid that they could access using Google Drive and Google Spreadsheets. They are accessible to every student enrolled in our system, irrespective of the institution in which they are enrolled. At first, workers were outraged and opposed to the deployment of these innovations; but, as a direct result of their implementation, the amount of regular labor that was required was reduced, as was the quantity of unnecessary written content.

This has made it possible for the instructor to present their material in a manner that is in accordance with the requirements of the modern world and the job market, and it has also made it possible for any employee of this institution to gain access to the institution’s resources from any location. 

This use of Google services in education will be beneficial to both students and teachers since it will improve their work, inspire their creativity, and provide the conditions essential for their development. Because of this, they will have a better chance of competing successfully in today’s electronic information society received prior warning. Before there is any possibility of schooling being enhanced in any manner, all of these preconditions need to be satisfied.

It is important to make use of information technology in teaching, although this field still has room for advancement. It is possible for educational institutions to effectively create their own information space and personal learning environment through the implementation of cloud technologies in their day-to-day operations, which in turn creates the conditions necessary for the following: the introduction of pedagogically balanced learning models; the use of cloud and mobile-oriented learning resources for the formation of key competencies for the twenty-first century.


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