Top Grammar Checker Software in 2022| New Updates, Price, & Features

Top Grammar Checker Software in 2022| New Updates, Price, & Features

An online grammar checker refers to an internet tool through which you can check your writing—formal and informal—to scrutinize grammatical mistakes and correct them. 

Apart from grammatical errors, these online tools also help you find out missing punctuation marks, any misspellings in the sentence, syntax errors, and much more.

The ultimate aim of any grammar checker software is to make your content flawless, attractive, and readable. 

What is Grammar Checker Software?

In its simple sense, grammar check software is your online friendly guide to help you create an impact in the minds of readers by giving them flawless content to read. Grammar check software also scrutinizes each line and sentence to ensure that your content doesn’t have too many passive voices or redundant words, where they are not needed. 

What are the Key Merits of Grammar Checker Software While Writing?

  • Improve your writing skills for academic or non-formal communication. 
  • Get necessary recommendations to check and edit your content.
  • Correct your grammatical errors, typos, or sentence structure online.
  • It teaches you other nuances of writing. 
  • It enhances your vocabulary power.
  • You can even get plenty of synonyms and antonyms online on these tools.

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How to Choose the Best Grammar Checker Software?

There is plenty of online grammar checker software available on the internet. But you should pick the one, which is able to solve your problem and helps you write a neat and clean content piece. 

When you are choosing your best grammar checker software online, you have to compare all necessary features, pricing, paid plan benefits, and free plan advantages, and everything. 

Here’s the list of things to check out while choosing an online grammar checker tool. 

Features of the software

The grammar checker tool’s primary task is to check grammatical mistakes and suggest appropriate solutions to the same. All grammar checkers must provide these services round the clock. 

Simple User Interface

The grammar check software should have a simple user interface and text editor. It also must have options to check words and spellings for which an integrated dictionary is necessary too. 

Language Option

Two variants of English are trending these days: British English and American English. The online grammar checking software that you use must be able to correct text written in both US/ UK English. 

Some grammar-checking software also provides the facility of checking English text written in Canadian English, Australian English, UK English, US English, South African English, and Indian English. Depending upon your needs, you can also select those tools. 

Text Plagiarism Checker

A good quality grammar checker should also provide the necessary text plagiarism editing facility. Thus, writers can instantly get to know which part of their text is plagiarized and they can instantly change the same. 

Fees and Charges

Finally, we have now come to the most important aspect: pricing. The best grammar check software should be reasonably priced and must not have any hidden fees. As far as possible, it should offer all necessary features without any additional cost. 

After going through the above points, here are the 14 best online grammar checker apps and software that you can choose without any worries. 

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Top 16 Grammar Checker Software & Apps

1. Spellcheck Plus

Spellcheck Plus

SpellCheckPlus is a good option when it comes to online grammar checkers. It can check up to 2000 characters per draft. SpellCheckPlus makes your content crispy by removing any grammatical errors and removing redundant words as well. 

Features and benefits

  • The software is fully compatible with both US/ UK English.
  • You can get access to SpellCheckPlus from any browser.
  • Get access to its basic features for Free.


  • You can’t use it offline as a browser extension.
  • It’s slightly pricey.

Price: $15 per year.

2. is another beautiful online grammar tool to analyze your grammatical errors and correct them online. Using this tool, you can easily correct your online documents. It also detects spelling errors and removes confusion about which spelling to prefer while writing in the UK/ US English variant/ 

Features and benefits

  • Get access to its exclusive facilities like Sentence Checker, Grammar Checker, Correct My Sentence & Sentence Fragment Corrector online.
  • It checks for tenses, syntax, and punctuation errors.
  • It also notifies any overuse of adverbs or adjectives where the same is not necessary. 


  • Premium version of the software not available for download
  • A compatible browser extension of the said software is not available. 
  • The user interface is relatively complex

Price: NA

3. Grammarly


Grammarly is the most popular online grammar checker software. It detects grammatical errors online and also suggests various other alternatives to correct them. Most of its features are available under its free plan. 

Features and Benefits

  • Look into its vocabulary feature to enhance your word power. 
  • Watch out for any syntax errors within your sentence. 
  • The software also lets you know about any passive voice misuse in your text.  
  • You can add new words to its built-in dictionary. 


  • It sometimes fails to suggest the right alternative between A or The.
  • Premium paid subscribers almost get similar features as Free users. 

Price: $12.5 per month

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4. Linguix

Linguix is one of the rarest online grammar checkers, which utilizes the capabilities of AI while writing content in English. It even provides instant notifications and alerts whenever the system detects an error in your writing. It corrects spellings, grammar, and typos to make your content more readable and attractive. 

Features and Benefits

  • The browser extension feature is available for free.
  • Check up to 1000 characters online.
  • Read new blogs relating to English writing.


  • Not too popular among students
  • The user interface is slightly complex

Price: $8 per month

5. Language Tool

Language Tool is a famous online grammar checker with thousands of big clients as its subscribers. Amazon, Fraunhofer SIT, and Blinkist are some of the big names, who use language tools to enhance the efficiency of your content. 

It checks for grammatical and spelling errors in various languages: English, Spanish, French and, German. The company has its headquarter located in Germany and is GDPR compliant.

Features and Benefits

  • It is compatible with other languages too apart from English.
  • You can also use its offline version.
  • It is accurate and safe.


  • Costly and expensive
  • You can’t check the specific portion of plagiarism in content.

Price: $30.05 per month

6. ProWritingAid

Prowriting Aid is famous for its accurate results. You can check for your sentence quality, missing punctuation, overuse of passive and active voice usage on its tool. You can also get to know about a plagiarised portion of the text.

Features and Benefits

  • Full details of grammatical errors will be provided to you.
  • You can check out your readability score to improve the content.
  • You can improve your vocabulary online on it.
  • It is also available in its mobile version, which is compatible with both iOS and Android.  


  • Slightly difficult to operate.
  • Costly in comparison to other online grammar tools.

Price: $15 per month

7. Hemmingway Editor

Hemmingway Editor

Hemmingway is not just an online grammar checker but is a text editor too. Though it focuses on grammar and typos, Hemmingway’s first priority is to help you write more reader-friendly content. The tool checks for wordiness, redundancy, and sentence length and suggest you accordingly.  

Features and Benefits

  • You can use it offline.
  • The tool will help you write better content using smaller sentences.


  • Doesn’t focus much on grammar and typos. 
  • It doesn’t offer premium services. 

Price: NA

8. WhiteSmoke

If you are looking for a simple yet effective grammar-checking software tool, WhiteSmoke can be your ideal choice. It works like magic and looks into the entire content to alert you about spelling mistakes, word choice, punctuation errors, and other mistakes.

Features and Benefits

  • It has an attractive text editor to correct your text while writing.
  • Get access to additional information about your errors. 
  • It makes your content readable and intriguing. 


  • Too costly.
  • Its paid subscription plan is available annually.
  • Relatively less popular than Grammarly

Price: $60 per year

9. Slick Write

Slick Write can be an effective grammar checking tool for beginners and new writers. Slick Write makes your content readable and error-free. You have to just accept its solutions and pay attention to the errors like redundant words, passive voice usage, adverb errors, and many more. 

Features and Benefits

  • It’s absolutely free.
  • You can integrate the tool into your device for offline checking.
  • The thesaurus/ dictionary option is available to gather more information about a particular word. 
  • Correct prepositional errors in your sentence.


  • Premium plans are not available.
  • Its text editor is a bit complicated.

Price: NA

10. PaperRater


The best thing about paper rater is its built-in ranking system. Once you finish writing your content, you can ask for a review. The tool will automatically check your content and give its ranking based on your writing skills. 

Features and Benefits

  • It checks your grammar and spelling errors.
  • It proofreads the full content even with its free plan.
  • Get appropriate suggestions to improve your content.


  • You can’t check plagiarism on its free plan.
  • It’s a costly tool

Price: $72 per year. 

11. Grammar Check

As per its nomenclature, GrammarCheck is one of the easiest online tools to get your content checked. It helps you write better content while removing errors from the same. You can use its interactive text editor to get your content to proofread and get corrected. 

Features and Benefits

  • 100% free online tool.
  • Check your basic grammar and spelling errors.
  • Correct your active/ passive voice errors.
  • Get alerts about capitalization, punctuation, and typo errors.


  • Too simple
  • It can’t correct compound and complicated sentences.

Price: 100% free

12. Ginger Software

Ginger Software

After Grammarly, Ginger is probably the most famous online grammar checker with a host of benefits to users. You can even check each sentence on Ginger software and correct any grammatical or spelling errors (if any).

Features and benefits

  • You can integrate Gingerly software into your browser for hassle-free writing.
  • Correct complex grammatical errors like subject-verb agreement and missing punctuation. 


  • Its premium plan is excessively costly.

Price: $90 per annum

13. Reverso

Reverso is a popular online translation-cum-language editing software tool. However, it can also help you in correcting minor grammar edits and spelling mistakes. 

Features and Benefits

  • Get translation benefits up to 10 languages.
  • Hundreds and thousands of words are available in its online dictionary.
  • Check your reverse translations. 
  • Correct your conjugations and preposition errors
  • It’s fully compatible with iOS, Android, and web browsers.


  • Too costly.
  • No trial version of a dedicated grammar checker.

Price: €60.00

14. Virtual Writing Tutor

Virtual Writing Tutor

Virtual Writing Tutor is an effective online grammar checking software for people who want to write their content in a lucid language without using any jargon or difficult words. 

Features and Benefits

  • It is an ideal online tool for writers, bloggers, digital marketers, and other creative professionals. Students can use the tool to improve their writing skills.
  • You can check your content up to 500 words.


  • Free members can’t obtain its ad-free interface.

Price: NA

15. Writefull

You can enhance the calibre and consistency of your writing with the aid of Writefull. This programme quickly evaluates your writing by comparing it to huge linguistic databases like Google Books, Google Scholar, Google News, etc.


  • enables you to hear how text is spoken
  • Learn the vocabulary used in the article.
  • Examine the opposites of a given word.
  • You can use the greatest grammar checker (free) tool to translate your writing into English.


16. Scribens

With Scriben’s helpful paragraph checker tool, you can fix more than 250 different sorts of typical grammar and spelling errors. This is the greatest grammar software for fixing typographical, punctuational, and other frequent grammatical problems in verbs, nouns, pronouns, and prepositions.

One of the best apps for checking grammar and spelling errors in your writing is this one.


  • a strong, cost-free grammar checker for English
  • Tools for Effective Writing and Style
  • Add-ons and API
  • provides tools for writing and styling
  • Repetition, redundancy, and synonym suggestions are found
  • a simple user interface


In Conclusion

An online grammar checker tool looks into each word, punctuation, and sentence to help you improve your writing skills. The online grammar checking software tool also follows grammatical rules and algorithms to make your content reader-friendly and flawless. They take care of errors like tense, word order, active/passive usage, and other issues that come up while writing. 

For flawless writing, we recommend you install and use the best grammar checker’s browser extension feature to get all the necessary help while writing. You can use them for as many days as needed. These grammar checkers also come with data privacy rules and laws to ensure maximum protection of your data. You are also free to delete all data after use. 


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