How to use file: ///sdcard/ to view files on Android

How to use file: ///sdcard/ to view files on Android

The file: ///sdcard/ path is a tool characterized by offering the advantage of viewing the files contained in the internal storage of the Android device from the browser.

In this case, you will only be able to evaluate the content of said internal memory and you will not be able to execute administrator processes such as deleting files, moving them or adding folders, but simply offers the advantage of viewing each file and discovering its path from the browser.

View Android files with file: ///sdcard/

The file: ///sdcard/ path can be used from different browsers installed on the Android device. From Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome or the browser installed by default on the computer can be accessed at that route.

The first thing you should do is enter the browser and insert the file: ///sdcard/ combination in the search or navigation section.

This code has three (3) vertical separator bars and the sdcard / terminology. Once established, all you have to do is press Enter.

file: /// sdcard / to view files on Android

The tab that will be displayed corresponds to the result of all the folders and their modification dates. This element shows the formats MP4, .doc, PDF, JPG, PNG, MP3, .txt, among others.

In addition, when entering the folder, the content of the files is displayed indicating their name, format, weight and date of modification.

How to see the files shown in file: ///sdcard/

The technique of the file: ///sdcard/ key is to be able to access the paths to identify the files and to be able to enter the file manager knowing the path.

If you need to open these files because you do not have an administrator, you will need to download a file manager through Google Play or APK. With this, you can view, edit, move and delete files from both the internal memory of the equipment and external memory.

Variant of the File command on the computer

In the case of the PC you will be able to use the file: /// C: /// key where the path that will be shown corresponds to the files found on the disk drive that is identified by that letter.

This letter may change according to the identification of said unit, be it a hard disk or an external unit.

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