Explore the Top Four Smartphones Perfect for Business Needs

Explore the Top Four Smartphones Perfect for Business Needs

Smartphones are ubiquitous with modern society. Very few people these days don’t have a smartphone and the people that own one generally are highly reliant on them. The same can be said in a business context – the rapid and increasing integration of technology with business practices means that having a good smartphone for work is practically a necessity.

The market is full of great smartphones, but not every smartphone makes a good business phone. TechQuarters, who provide IT services in London businesses have been using for over a decade, states the importance of choosing a smartphone that is hard-wearing, can be charged quickly, runs essential apps. In other words, one can’t just go for the flashiest or most fashionable smartphone and use it for business – a device should be chosen for its merit in a work context.

Below are some of the smartphones that have come out in the last few years that hold up to the demands required of a business handset.

1. Nokia XR20

A good business phone should be dependable not only in terms of performance, but also physical resilience; depending on the type of business you do, you could be taking your work phone all around the world with you. The old joke goes that old Nokia brick phones will be the longest surviving piece of technology produced by mankind – so indestructible that they will remain a perfectly preserved relic for millennia.

The Nokia brand has just launched the XR20 – the brand’s first rugged smartphone. The phone is both shockproof and water resistant. Rugged smartphones are not new, but the Nokia XR20 is unique in that it has an update schedule much closer to that of a flagship phone – 4 years of security updates, and 3 years of OS updates included free. What is more, the phone is 5G enabled, and Qualcomm-powered, so it isn’t sacrificing performance for durability. What is more, HMD Global – the company running the Nokia brand – is even offering free one-year screen replacement.

2. iPhone 12

Nobody could possibly argue that Apple are leaders in the field of producing smartphones. Even TechQuarters, who themselves are a Microsoft partner, and specialize primarily in Windows and Linux-based tech support, agree that Apple produce great tech for work. The iPhone 12 has been a considerable jump compared with the past few years of iPhone models; and while the iPhone 13 has in fact just recently launched, the 2020 iPhone model remains a high-quality option for business handsets.

This smartphone offers 5G compatibility, and boasts a superb OLED display. The iPhone 12 also has excellent cameras on both the rear and in the screen; and perhaps most importantly for some, it features the MagSafe system that makes it so easy to charge wireless and on the go. For workers that use the Apple ecosystem for work, the iPhone 12 is a no-brainer.

3. Motorola Defy

Another rugged entry in this list, the Motorola Defy is not a name that many people are used to hearing in 2022. The Motorola brand used to be highly popular, especially with their iconic Defy line of products, which are being revived with this smartphone that was released in mid- to late-2021. The original Defy was one of the first rugged smartphones – and rugged smartphones has long been associated with ugly designed, and lower specifications that flagship products like Samsung Galaxy and iPhones. However, the latest in the line has a sleek design that fits in with the leaders of the smartphone industry.

The Motorla Defy is dust, drop and water proof, and it has a 5,000mAh battery, meaning it’ll last all day (and possibly longer). The phone is also powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 662, and runs Android 10. The combination of durability, lightweight form factor, and solid specs make this a decent choice for a business smartphone.

4. Google Pixel 5

The majority of smartphones in the world are Android phones. Android was a group effort by the Open Handset Alliance (led by Google) to create an open-source operating system for touch screen devices. More than 10 years later, most people think of the Google Pixel as the flagship Android phone – for Android wouldn’t have existed without the sponsorship and leadership of Google. If you are looking for a very clean and straightforward user interface, you won’t be disappointed – the Google Pixel runs pure Android, and the device is 5G compatible, which is a must-have for today’s business smartphones.

The Google Pixel 5 also has a very good camera, and a premium metal casing which many users will appreciate after several models with casing that felt less than premium. While the specs haven’t had much of a leap forward compared with previous models, it is still a highly capable smartphone that should be considered for its build quality and clean OS interface.


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