How to Create a Virtual Phone Number for SMS Purposes

How to Create a Virtual Phone Number for SMS Purposes

Today, more and more Internet services require a mobile number when registering. From a security point of view, this is reasonable: confirmation by SMS really reduces the risk of account hacking. But there are situations in which a phone number verification only gets in the way. For example, when creating another profile on the same resource.

Usually we only have one or two SIM cards. If your numbers are already present in the site’s database, there are problems with registration. What do we do in these cases? Either we refuse the idea or persuade relatives and friends to lend us their phone numbers. However, there is an easier way – virtual phone number for SMS verification.

Purpose, possibilities and advantages of virtual numbers for SMS

We discovered one of the types of virtual numbers – they are used to receive SMS online when registering in social networks and messengers. For example, Facebook and Instagram, as well as on other sites. The rental period varies from 10 minutes to 3 month. The cost of such services is minimal and does not require any special skills.

Another type of virtual phone is used in business. In this area, they are used not for registration on websites, but for their main purpose – to receive and make calls, as well as for SMS/MMS and Gmail fax messages. These numbers are leased (usually on a long-term basis) by telecom operators in various regions. The essence of the service is as follows: a subscriber (company) is located in one region and works in another. In order not to spend too much on roaming and long distance communication, the company buys (rents) a virtual number in the region of operation, whose data is forwarded to the actual telephones or PABX of the customer.

Advantages of virtual telephony:

  • For users of WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and other social networks – the ability to create an unlimited number of accounts.
  • For those who register on shop websites and trading platforms. such us Amazon, Ebay, OLX – the ability to avoid phone spam and protect themselves from scammers.
  • For subscribers to paid games, music and other web services with a free trial period, where the user has to be verified by a phone number: the ability to extend the free period for an unlimited time.
  • For business – savings on communication services and simplification of communications with the company for customers and partners in remote regions (this is no less important than personal savings, as few people want to pay for calls to your company at intercity rates).

How to create a virtual phone number for SMS

Using SMS-man is a great way to get a second phone number to receive SMS online from any site or application.

  1. Sign up for a free account at
  2. Select country of virtual phone number, then service to bypass SMS verification.
  3. Click the “Buy” button next to the desired service.

Now that you have a virtual mobile number, you can use it as you see fit.


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