Why Should You Consider Investment Banking as a Career?

Why Should You Consider Investment Banking as a Career?

Investment banking is a much sought-after career in the financial sector. This is because the perks investment banks offer are among the finest in the industry. Moreover, investment bankers relish an elegant lifestyle compared to other designations in the financial services sector. Indeed, lucrative salaries and frequent foreign vacations are clear benefits among the masses.

Contrary to other roles in finance designations, investment bankers directly influence companies’ revenue, which further interprets into their compensation and sponsored vacations. Keeping this in mind,  many financial service professionals are already tending towards investment banking roles and pursuing investment banking certifications. You can also check out a good investment banking course with placement to see yourself working in this field. Apart from an attractive salary, the following are a few of the other benefits that you might enjoy as an investment banker:

Multipurpose Skillset

Investment bankers encompass a highly desirable skillset. They are informed about capital markets and have a comprehensive understanding of stocks, mergers, equity, & acquisitions. With this skill set, they fit the designation of nearly every professional in the finance sector. They are even eligible to move to any role. Most staff members and employers are open to hiring investment bankers, providing they fit their bills and have the necessary skillset. The point is simple, being an investment banker, you would never be short of job opportunities.

Enhanced learning experience 

One of the main reasons you should get into this field is the ability to understand the analytical tools and learn them on your job. In addition, you get to understand the general ins and outs of investment banking. Financial modeling is a prime part of an investment banker’s job, to perform assessments of investments and risks inside the restraints of the knowns and unknowns. 

Efficient career growth

There is no doubt that investment bankers grow efficiently in their careers compared to other professions. After two to three years of experience, most investment bankers open their consulting businesses or become partners in VCs, hedge funds, and other financial institutions. Moreover, many investment bankers turn out to be independent investors and go on to make money by investing in other businesses.

Interact with smart people

Investment bankers have the task and responsibility to help high-net-worth individuals make proper investment decisions. Most of these are business tycoons, business owners, industrialists, and heirs to a considerable fortune. Communication with such fellows and the opportunity to work with the aids to hone skills, teach better habits, and foster personality.

You get gardening leave 

It is available to all sorts of professions in investment banking. Before switching from one financial institution to another, VPS, analysts, and MDS get between one and six months of leave. It is to ensure that all the data available to them is made public in the quarterly report of the institution. This leave is paid, and the former employer pays it. Indeed, such a benefit is icing on the cake for anyone!

Family perks

Most professions are common; but investment bankers on business trips relish staying in five-star accommodation and sampling food by great chefs. A couple of investment banks also offer personal custodians, five-star accommodation, and sponsored holidays for families of investment bankers.  

Why should you venture into this field?

Primarily, many young fellows are drawn to this field of work because of its prestige and earning potential. However, it should not be the prime factor for their ambition. Fellows going into investment banking must have a rational mindset and think outside the box for ground-breaking purposes. Below are a few genuine reasons why Investment Banking as a carrier could be a good option for you:

  • You are inclined towards the skills you would gain as an investment banking analyst, like Excel and financial modeling. 
  • You wish to learn more about high-profile transactions, financial markets, and how to make financial decisions.
  • You flourish in a fast-paced setup with extended hours.

You must Choose your investment banking career carefully

Since there are different career options, there are even diverse roles for the ones working in investment banking. Remember, while there are similarities, they demand different skill sets and personal characteristics.

 In case you’re working on the operational side, the team under you will be responsible for the processing and settlement of overall transactions. Therefore, you should be hard-working and have brilliant numerical and analytical skills.

Corporate investment bankers offer financial services to other companies as well as organisations. For example, you might work on mergers and acquisitions, lending or bonds, and even shares. Since you would provide strategic advice to your clients and work under pressure, you must be good at negotiating and have strong interpersonal skills.


To sum up, if you feel you have the interest, passion and determination to venture into this lucrative field, you can start now. Just learn investment banking through a course or proper certification; the sky’s the limit.


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