How to Preserve A Mobility Scooter Battery

How to Preserve A Mobility Scooter Battery

The battery in your mobility scooter is what provides the power to move from place to place. This makes it a huge part of the overall experience and quality of service you will get from your scooter and it pays to look after it carefully.  

Efficiency means that you will get greater service life and mileage, and cover greater distance on a single charge. To help point you in the right direction, Easy Pay Mobility answer some questions about charging your scooter and getting the most service life from the battery.  

How Often Do I Charge a Mobility Scooter? 

There are no rules that dictate how often this should be done. It all depends on the use that you get from a scooter. Here are some things to consider when setting your charging routine:  

Class 2 Small Scooters – these smaller models have smaller batteries and this makes charging after each use a good idea. This way you will never be stuck with no power in the middle of a trip.  

  • Daily Usage – just like the small scooters, if you will be heading out every day, the battery should be charged each time you are finished using it. This will provide you with enough power for the next day’s travels.  
  • Occasional Usage – if you will only be using your mobility scooter a couple times during the week, then a single charge for 12 – `16 hours. 

 The important thing will be to prevent your battery from ever becoming fully depleted. By always keeping it full of energy, you will greatly prolong the service life of your battery.  

Can You Overcharge a Mobility Scooter Battery? 

The short answer is “no,” batteries these days can’t be overcharged because there is a cutoff point when the battery reaches a full load and no more energy is introduced. This means you can rest assured that the battery will stop charging once it has reached a full charge.  

When you first get your mobility scooter it is advised that you charge the battery completely, then deplete the battery completely until the red ‘low battery life’ flashes. Recharge and expend the battery like this 10 times in rapid succession to increase the battery’s service life. This will give your mobility scooter the optimal range to launch many trips and prevent costly replacements from being required prematurely.  

Do You Need a Specific Type of Charger? 

You need to use the same type of charger that is provided with your mobility scooter. You can check your user’s manual for more information. Using the incorrect charger can result in reduced battery charge, energy inefficiency, and other issues.  

How Long Can a Mobility Scooter Battery Last? 

This also depends on the type of usage and care the battery gets. With proper care and very little use, a mobility scooter battery could last for 3 years, but if it is used frequently and not cared for properly it will be lucky to live out a full year. With this in mind, do what you can to preserve the longevity of your battery with the tips provided here.  

How Can You Preserve Your Battery Charge? 

We know it sounds obvious, but considering that everything on the mobility scooter will be pulling power from the battery, lowering the demands you make on your scooter is the first way to conserve energy. This means carrying light loads — bringing your tool box will mean more strain on the battery— and shutting off all lights and equipment that is not needed. By shutting the scooter off immediately when you alight, you will ensure that no power is wasted unnecessarily.   

The temperature ranges are also very important to the longevity of your battery. Extremes of high and low temperatures can impact its capacity to hold charge. Always keep your battery between the ranges of 0°C – 35°C for best results.

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