Sideloading in 2022: Here’s What You Need to Know About Modifying Tech

Sideloading in 2022: Here’s What You Need to Know About Modifying Tech

If you’re the type that lives for new tech updates, or if you can’t wait for the next new gadget to come out, you probably know what sideloading is. But if you don’t, you’ll probably love to hear about how modifying tech in 2022 can be accomplished.

It wasn’t too long ago that not many people even had a cellphone. And since smartphone technology wasn’t truly integrated into our lives until after the first iPhone came out, it’s obvious that we’ve come a long way since that time. 

Even modern business apps have made a huge impact on our lives. And streaming apps have affected how we access our entertainment. And while many critics of tech advancement claim that steaming services will ultimately cause the demise of the movie theater experience, the fact remains that modern tech is what all people crave.

But sometimes you want to get a little more out of your tech, and this is where sideloading comes in. So what exactly is sideloading and what are the benefits of this practice? Here, we’ll explore these questions.

What is Sideloading?

You may have heard the term “jailbreaking” at some point. And this is basically another term to describe the sideloading process. But sideloading in itself is simply a process for transferring files between two devices. 

Sideloading also refers to obtaining apps from 3rd party sources in place of an actual retailer. So essentially, when you sideload a device, you’re simply installing apps that aren’t already available on your device itself. 

A few benefits of sideloading are as follows:

  • Enhances your app accessibility 
  • Access new apps 
  • No need to purchase separate devices 
  • Access different browsers 
  • Access a wider range of media and entertainment 

It’s also good to note that sideloading became a go-to method due to the competition between tech giants. For example, at one point in recent history, YouTube wasn’t accessible on a Firestick. This is because Google and Amazon are in constant competition. But with sideloading, you can easily install YouTube on a Firestick. And this is why tech modification became a preferred method. 

Advantages of Sideloading

When compared to other methods of accessing content, sideloading has a large number of benefits that are attractive to many tech lovers. And though sideloading can be used in many ways, this is usually done for entertainment purposes.

A few distinct advantages of sideloading include the following: 

  • Content can be permanently stored in a device
  • Content can be listened to or watched at a user’s convenience
  • No geographic limitations 
  • Can be optimized for a particular device  
  • No restrictions on content 

Regarding the advantages of sideloading, some forms of content may not be available in certain geographic locations or otherwise banned altogether in specific countries. Sideloading does, however, give you the ability to circumvent these rules at your own risk. But you should always be aware of the content restrictions in whatever part of the world you’re traveling just as a precaution.

Browser Accessibility 

If you want to open the doors to your entertainment experience, as mentioned, sideloading can also allow you to access different browsers upon which different content can be found. And this is another attractive feature of sideloading.

For example, by using Kodi, you’re then able to use just about any app that you’re able to find online. And when you can access different browsers, you’ll also be able to access different forms of media that aren’t readily available on your device. And with specific content only available on certain devices, this is another huge reason why sideloading a Firestick is an attractive option for many users in 2022 if additional entertainment choices are what you’re looking for. 

All in all, when you want to watch a few different shows or movies, chances are that all of these won’t be available via one single device or platform. And unless you want to pay for a pile of devices or for subscriptions to several streaming services, sideloading then becomes the preferred way to organize your content and access the entertainment that you want to watch. The best part is, anyone can sideload. And you don’t need to have advanced tech knowhow or knowledge of code to enjoy entertainment with sideloading.

Streaming is the way to go in 2022. And as we’ve seen in recent years, the streaming universe is sure to become more competitive. As such, unless you want to engage in this competition, sideloading is the best option for accessing the entertainment you want to watch. 


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