All You Need to Know About iMyFone

All You Need to Know About iMyFone

Using the latest state-of-the-art technology combined with a digital platform, iMyFone has emerged as a top-notch company, growing very popular globally with its apps like D-Back and Fixxpo. No wonder the company’s rating is quite high. The success of iMyFone since its inception in 2015 can be gauged from the fact that it has 35 million users spread over 190 countries worldwide. 

The apps of the company are very popular, as you can see:

  • retrieve your lost data from a smartphone; 
  • solve your problem if you get stuck in the iPhone data recovery process. 
  • Retrieve the password for your digital devices. 
  • Come out if you are locked out of your device.

These are common problems faced by millions of people worldwide. Users of Android and iOS devices face multiple problems, primarily data loss. Here, iMyFone comes to their rescue using its iMyFone technology.

Located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, the company has developed 45 applications to fix various issues related to smartphones, iPhones, and computers, recover lost data, and unlock phones.

Company Profile of iMyFone

When Dean Huang founded the company in 2015, it began its journey with just two applications: iMyFone D-Back and iMyFone Umate. From 2016 to 2022, the company kept on producing different apps, which became very popular worldwide. 

The year-wise breakdown of such products is listed below:

  • 2016: Umate Pro
  • 2017: i-Transor Lite Data Exporter and Tunesmate iPhone Transfer
  • 2018: TunesFix, LockWiper, and AnyRecover
  • 2019: LockWiper Android, KeyGenius, D-Back Android, Umate Mac Cleaner, and iTransor for WhatsApp
  • 2020: AnyTo, iByPasser & Filme, MintPDF
  • 2021: MirrorTo, MigicMic, and ChatsBack for WhatsApp
  • 2022: ChatsBack for LINE, UltraRepair, Voxbox, AllDrive, and TopClipper.

Practically speaking, the IT company has emerged as a single umbrella solution point for all Android, iPhone, and iOS devices and various issues concerning them, primarily data recovery and device-related problems.

iMyFone Applications Categorization

iMyFone has developed and commercially launched 45 apps. The digital applications developed by this company fall into mainly six categories. 

They are:

  • Recovery; 
  • Repair; 
  • Unlocking
  • Data Management
  • Utilities
  • Mobile Apps

A Broad Overview of the Company’s Customer Service and Public Relations Operations

A review of customer service at iMyFone establishes that it is user-friendly. You can avail of the customer service you want 24/5. It has a dedicated app for the customer service team that quickly addresses your problems. 

The seamlessness of the company’s post-sales or any other purchase-related queries can be carried out in the following manner:

  • Call Logs: Through this, all incoming and outgoing calls on a particular device can be effectively monitored. 
  • Messages and Messaging Apps: These apps permit you to monitor all messages received and sent through a messaging platform like WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, and Viber. 
  • Social Media Apps: Through this app, all posts and chats are monitored to know what is going on. 
  • Keylogger: This app tracks all the keys typed on the keyboard of the device. As a result, you know the messages to be shared whenever they are typed on the keyboard and also know the sites or websites the target user is visiting. 
  • Location and Geo-Fencing: Live location and set geo-fencing can be easily tracked, enabling you to know locations where the target phone should not enter. This enables you to know whenever the device enters the territory. You can receive a notification.

iMyFone Product Features

iMyFone has over 45 products. They are marked by their own unique features. Some of the product features are mentioned below:

iMyFone D-Back Review: This is a very popular product that works on Android, iPhone, and iOS and is meant to recover lost data. It can recover files in 22 formats from iOS, iPods, iPod Touch, and iPads. Your data recovery can also be need-based: recover only the data that you want. It gives you the following options for recovery:

  • Smart Recovery 
  • iOS Device Recovery; 
  • Recovery from iTunes Backup; 
  • Recovery from iCloud Backup; 
  • Fix iOS System; 
  • Broken Device Recovery of Data; 
  • Accidental Data Deletion and Loss Recovery

You also have several additional recovery facilities.

iMyFone ChatsBack: This facility allows you to get back data lost from WhatsApp. An alternative to iMyFone D-Back, this app can help you recover data directly from iTunes backup, iOS device storage, and Google Drive.

iMyFone Fixppo: This app can help you if you are stuck in a system update on Android and iOS devices. iMyFone Fixppo’s iOS version has four recovery benefits, which are:

  • Standard Mode 
  • Advanced Mode 
  • Reset iDevices Mode 
  • Enter/Exit Recovery Mode

iMyFone LockWiper: This app can enable you to remove or reset your Apple ID or screen lock on your iOS device. Subsequently, you can unlock any device that has already been locked. For this, you have to use a passcode comprising either four or six digits. Here, there is a twist. If the code for your phone has a four-digit code, you can unlock it without any data loss, but if it has a six-digit code, it will erase all the data.

iMyFone Umate Pro: This has a unique feature of data management. It can clean up junk in your smartphone or some other device’s storage if it is full of unwanted messages or data. If you want to clean images, you get the option to:

  • Backup and compress or 
  • Backup and delete

iMyFone has brought about a revolutionary change in data management and data recovery. It operates smoothly and seamlessly. Recovery of data lost unintentionally or accidentally is a major problem faced by users of Android, iPhone, and iOS devices. But this problem has been greatly addressed by different apps developed and marketed by iMyFone.


Carving out a huge market globally in a comparatively short span of eight years, iMyFone’s success hinges on the fact that it offers a solution to a large number of Android, iPhone, and iOS problems. Being user-friendly and easy to navigate, the apps are pocket-friendly. You can easily afford them.