6 Powerful Marketing Collateral Picks

6 Powerful Marketing Collateral Picks

Marketing collateral implies the use of media-related materials to promote the products and services of a company. It includes print materials such as flyers and posters and digital platforms such as blogs, articles, e-magazines, and much more. Anything that you use to spread the word about your brand is marketing collateral. Two decades ago, businesses usually relied on print material to promote their products. The internet had not picked up the pace. However, such a traditional marketing method required face-to-face interactions with potential customers. But after the internet saw an upsurge in usage, businesses stopped relying on such outdated marketing methods and moved their efforts online.

Businesses can now easily send marketing emails, which are the flowing river for all your content. And because of the internet, marketers refer to everything as marketing collateral. Some time ago, such print materials were relevant for marketing and sales. But, these days, businesses utilize marketing collateral for branding purposes as well.

Marketing collateral utilizes call to action techniques. It can be something as simple as subscribing to a newsletter or asking them to visit their website. Regardless, your marketing collateral should allow you to attract potential customers and help them make a decision. Listed below is a list of marketing collateral ideas that will let you introduce your brand to potential prospects.

  • eBooks

Businesses who want to impose their authority on specific subjects or topics can utilize eBooks to share their experience and expertise with the world. Ebooks are the best form of educational material and the perfect way to inform your clients about whatever they want to know. People might ask about the difference between traditional books and ebooks. They are somewhat the same, but ebooks are usually more fun and entertaining than whitepapers.

Don’t trust us? Just open Google and search ebook Facebook; you will see millions of people posting their ebooks on Facebook. They do this to educate people about various subjects and topics. With millions of users, Facebook is the best platform to impose your brand on new customers.


If you host conferences and want new clients to visit you, creating an event magazine will do wonders for you. These event magazines are event specific and provide coverage for your event. They give the customer a recap of an event your company or business hosted previously. Creating such a magazine is the wisest way to provide an archive for people who missed your event but want to catch up with what happened.

It can also serve as promotional material for your upcoming events. You can provide potential new customers a glimpse into what to expect in your upcoming event, the people who will be there, and what to expect when they visit.


Nowadays, everyone is posting their blogs and articles on the internet. Businesses commonly use them to attract audiences from all parts of the world. Besides imparting education to visitors, blog posts also contain a specific call to action, such as persuading prospects to purchase their products or services. As blog posts solve problems faced by people in the real world, they can be a gateway to your website, which increases engagement and lead generation.

When you write blogs, you address the problems faced by people around the world. You help them find a way to the solution, and it can sometimes be a service or product that you offer. It is one of the most overused forms of marketing collateral. And, there are no reasons why you should not incorporate it into your marketing strategy.


A landing page is where your clients or customers land when they open a specific advertisement online. These pages usually ask the client to enter their personal information, such as their contact information. Such a collection of personal data is for the sole purpose of lead generation. Customers usually fill out this form in return for staying on the mailing list of a company or for downloading content from their website.

You can also create various landing pages for multiple marketing campaigns while still leading to the same after the customers fill out the form or survey. When you ask customers for their data, you are doing it to provide them with a more personalized experience when they visit your website.


A product catalog is a type of brochure that contains more information than usual. This information is sometimes more comprehensive as catalogs include feature stories and details about a product or service. It can be perfect for companies with a wide range of products and services they want to share with a broader audience. Showcasing them will allow you to increase engagement and sales.

It is easier for people to scroll through a catalog rather than any other type of marketing collateral. It helps them make their decisions without any hesitation.


Businesses usually create newsletters for the sole purpose of staying in touch with their existing customers. They also provide them with updates about new products or features. Around seventy percent of all businesses rely on them to improve engagement with their current customers. However, there are other ways to keep your clients updated. Sometimes, customers find these newsletter emails intrusive and don’t bother responding to them.

If you want to avoid such a thing from happening, try digital publications instead. It will entice users to engage with your content, whatever it may be. They can also drive new traffic to your website with the help of a call to action, apart from engaging with existing clients. It all depends on how you present them and the content present on them. In the end, personalizing your content and marketing strategy will increase engagement from your existing clients as well as new ones.


After reading this article, you may know about the most common types of marketing collaterals. You can now create a cost-effective and creative marketing strategy that will work flawlessly for you. It will allow you to retain your existing client and bring in new ones with the snap of your fingers. In the end, it is not about choosing the best single marketing collateral, expecting it to work for you. It is about creating a mixture of these marketing collaterals which provide you with the best bang for your buck. So go ahead and try to incorporate them into your existing marketing strategy to see results.


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