7 Varieties of Student Accommodation: A Comprehensive Overview.

7 Varieties of Student Accommodation: A Comprehensive Overview.

Many students dream of pursuing their studies at prestigious educational institutes. For getting admission into such colleges or universities a lot of hard work is needed because the entrance exams are quite tough. Once a student gets to the college or university of his dreams the next thing that comes to mind is accommodation. This is because most of the time the educational premises are far away from home. It is a matter of concern for most parents to ensure that their child is in a safe place. There are different types of accommodation available in or near the educational institutes which render different services to the students during their course of study.

Before settling down into any housing accommodation take into consideration different points like a combined apartment, single room facility, bathroom, kitchen, living area, and many more according to requirement. This is very important because some people enjoy their privacy and if they don’t get such an environment it becomes quite difficult to settle down. Student housing Bristol takes into consideration the requirements of students before allowing them any apartment which is a very good initiative.

So here are some of the residential types given below according to facility and privacy:

  • Studio apartment:

It is also called a self-contained or bachelor apartment. Generally, there is a single room that contains a bedroom, kitchen, and sitting area within a single room. Sometimes there may be a separate little bathroom or a differentiated bedroom from the main centralized area. Such accommodation is best for a student because it has a sufficient amount of space for survival. All necessities can be found in such a residential area. The structure is built as such that all basic needs can be met.

  • En-suite room:

It has a separate bedroom and a bathroom which is a great thing for people who like to keep things private or don’t like mixing up with others too much. But the kitchen provided with such apartments is common. The students share the same kitchen although the bathrooms and bedrooms are separate. It is not a good option for the ones who enjoy being alone.

  • On-campus accommodation:

Thus is the accommodation provided by the college or university you are studying in? All the facilities are included like food, internet, library, playground, safety, etc. The rooms can be single bedded or can be dual accommodation. It’s the choice of the student on what type of room to select. It is more convenient to reside in on-campus accommodation because the facilities are more and students feel at ease. Even there is no problem with time management. Late-night library study is not an issue because the apartments are nearby. Some universities provide single-sex rooms to the students. Either the hostel buildings are separated according to gender or the floors are kept different. More security is provided to the students at educational premises residence. Students can freely practice sports on the campus. Students can enjoy more facilities in on-campus accommodation rather than living away from the institute.

  • Private halls of residence:

These private halls are not owned by universities or colleges. They come under some third-party organizations, private companies, and sometimes non-government organizations funding student accommodation costs. The students are asked to sign contracts before residing in such apartments. The price may vary depending upon the tenure of the contract, area of residence, amount of space available, internet, and transportation facilities. If the facilities given are more then, the charges of rent will certainly be more as well. Students who enjoy their social freedom can get such accommodation because there are no restrictions or fixed times for entry into these buildings. Outings can be made at any time and there is no burden of informing anyone before leaving, unlike on-campus residence.

  • Shared apartment:

In these apartments, there are separate private rooms provided to the tenants but areas like kitchen, bathroom, and living room are common for all. Bathrooms are generally common unless mentioned. Such apartments are good for students who want privacy and socializing at the same time. Rooms are different for everyone which ensures full privacy to the residents. New friends can be made at such apartments because you get to make contact with many people living in the same area.

  • Shared ensuite:

These rooms have bathrooms connected to a bedroom. The bedroom is shared by more than one person. A separate kitchen area is provided which is shared by people of other rooms as well. The number of people sharing the same room can increase or decrease depending upon the space available.

  • Dual occupancy studio:

The studio is a single space accommodation with areas like kitchen, living, and bedroom at the same place. The area can be small or large depending upon the rent paid. In a dual occupancy studio, two people are allowed to stay at the same place. All student facilities are provided by the company that you have signed the contract with. The charges may vary according to the facilities given.

There is never a good or a bad choice made unless and until you enjoy living in that place. The choices can vary from person to person. Some prefer living alone and some like seeing people around them all the time to cope with homesickness. It is a very crucial decision to choose the correct place to reside in. Living away from family is hard and we always get to learn new things from our experiences.

Consider some points before shifting to a new place. Read the terms and clauses of the contracts you are going to sign with the related company. Explore every possible residential area before finalizing anything. Read the reviews given on the official website of the accommodation company. Reviews are very helpful in getting an overall idea about the place. Make sure that you are given all the basic facilities at the place you are going to step in. This is because if the facilities are not provided, it becomes hard to survive. The studies face a lot of crisis because students do not feel mental peace where they are unable to adjust.


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