Top Private Instagram Viewer Apps 2024 Explore Secure Access

Top Private Instagram Viewer Apps 2024 Explore Secure Access

Instagram is a top-rated social media platform all around the world. Many people are connected as per their interests. Most people’s accounts are public, but some people set the privacy. Privacy accounts are restricted to others. That is connected with the restricted or private account, and they can see the content. 

Sometimes, one person is blocked by another person due to serval reasons. Therefore, if anyone wants to connect or see the content of the blocked person, private Instagram viewer apps are helpful to access the account without login. 

Furthermore, we will discuss the different aspects of private accounts. Also, discuss the top application that is very helpful to see the content of blocked accounts.  

What is a Private Instagram Story Viewer?

Instagram is a viral and widely used platform. Generally, it is not easy to access users’ accounts without a login. Whenever the private Instagram Story viewer helps see the post of that account blocked you. Usually, it can access all the private Instagram accounts profiles without logging in. It is beneficial to the users that are blocked from somewhere. 

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Why Should You Use a Private Instagram Story Viewer?

It is not a common situation because it is needed very rarely. Then, it creates the new account and sends the request again to access the account. It depends on that person’s request accept or not. Then, these apps are perfect for you. You can get direct access to the account that person blocked you. 

How Does a Private Instagram Story Viewer Work?

This software helps you access the content of users that have blocked you. It is possible without the log of the account. Most private Instagram viewer’s applications ask for the username and then see the content. Its simple algorithm makes the unique and simple process to use. 

Difference Between Private Instagram Account from a Public Instagram Account

A private Instagram account must first be unlocked in order to be seen. The first thing you need to know is “What are the differences between a public and private Instagram account?”

For a variety of reasons, Instagram accounts can be set to public or private. On a private account, your profile will only be visible to people that follow you.

Anything you post will be visible to everyone if your profile is public. People who don’t follow you on Instagram will still be able to see your posts if your profile is set to public. This blog post’s major focus is on hacking someone’s private Instagram account.

There must be a distinction between Instagram accounts that are public and private.

Is it Free to View a Private Instagram Account?

The good news is that there are many free private Instagram viewers available, so you won’t have to pay anything in order to access a private Instagram account. However, some of these features will be restricted because they will require a paid subscription in order for you to fully utilise all of their features.

Top Private Instagram Story Viewer Apps

The best private Instagram story viewers can directly access someone’s account data in this section. Here, we will explain all the functions of these applications. 

1. Private Photo Viewer

Private Photo Viewer

Private Photo Viewer is a social media service that helps users see their private accounts. You have no permission to use their account content whenever someone blocks you. In addition, this software works on advanced technology that unblocks the block profile to see. The user can use this software free of cost.


  • Users can see Instagram posts, photos, other posts without download. 
  • It gives the access to see Instagram’s private profile. 
  • Use the latest Instagram private account Viewer.
  • It is very low time-consuming. 
  • Available for iOS devices, Android and Windows 10, Windows 10 mobile versions. 

Pricing: Free


2. Watch Insta

Watch Insta is another Instagram private profile viewer that gives access to see Private Profiles, Private Photos & Images. You do not have required to download Instagram Private Profile Viewer. Moreover, everyone can easily access the Instagram profile with its advanced features.


  • You can access the private photos. 
  • You can export the private media in a .zip file.
  • It provides the option to recover files and messages.

Pricing: Free


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3. Insta Looker 

Insta Looker

Insta Looker is a very effective platform to see the private accounts’ privacy features and other activities. However, privacy accounts make frustrate life. Therefore, you need to follow their account to connect with their profiles. So, this tool provides an option to access a private account without following them. 


  • View private Account data. 
  • Its user interface is straightforward. 
  • Users can use this software without downloading it. 

Pricing: Free


4. Private Insta

PrivateInsta is a trendy application that allows seeing someone’s private profile. There is no need for account approval and other activities to connect the account with other profiles. Also, you need to fill in a username and click on the Private View Profile. There are some essential features.


  • It is more compatible with OSX, Windows, iOS, or Android. 
  • This official website SSL secured and never asked for personal information. 
  • It is simple to use and does not need much requirement to fill. 

Pricing: Free


5. Instagram++

Instagram++ is the service that you give access to private accounts. Significantly, some users are blacked from anywhere, and they cannot access someone’s account. Then, it is very beneficial to see private accounts’ posts. We will explain some crucial features to access the private account in the below points. 


  • The service is free of cost and easy to use. 
  • It provides the deliver result instantly. 
  • User Graphic Interface is very easy to use.

Pricing: Free


6. Poster Go

Poster Go is the new private Instagram viewing app that works great. It gives the advanced facility to view private Instagram profiles without human verification and survey. Also, the spy can quickly get access to private Instagram Accounts. Moreover, it has some extraordinary features that we will discuss below. 


  • No requirement to download different apps on your device.
  • It is risk-free, and all operations are safe. 
  • The user interface is straightforward that helps to lower time consumption. 

Pricing: Free

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7. SpyHuman


SpyHuman is a beneficial service but is provided with some extraordinary features. Also, spy human is the latest service, and it is a new genuine and secure private Instagram viewer, and they are the best thing anybody can use their features. 

  • There is no root required to use. 
  • It provides 24/7 Technical support as well as an easy interface.
  • The installation process is straightforward. 
  • Option available to try Before You Buy! (7 DAY FREE TRIAL of Premium Subscription). 

Pricing: Free


8. mSpy

mSpy has many features that it makes a little bit different from others. It is not only for viewing those Instagram profiles blocked to you or your private profile. To know the better method to track their activity on Instagram, Do not side than Install the phone. There is some feature that we will mention in the below section. 

  • Access the chat to read their social media chats. 
  • Option available to review their texts (including the deleted messages).
  • You can see the pics that you share and receive on that profile. 
  • Everything is possible without being detected.

Pricing: Free


9. LikeCreeper


LikeCreeper is a free app that uses for viewing private Instagram apps. Excellent service can be complete without the human verification, survey, or breaking the rules. It is a straightforward interface for you. You can use this app to type a targeted username, then click on the View Profile button. 

  • It is a free service to all users. 
  • See private content of someone. 
  • The user’s face is straightforward to execute.

Pricing: Free



We have explained about the Instagram private story Viewer and another content viewer. Then, top 9 software that has their capability. All software is very secure and reliable to use. Everyone can use this tool due to the simple User-Interface. 


1. Is it free to access a private Instagram account?

Absolutely, yes. On the internet, a few online tools are accessible. These enable free access to private Instagram profiles.

2. Can you access private Instagram accounts without being followed?

We’re sorry to break it to you, but we must. The private images of a private account cannot be viewed without first following them. But keep in mind the outside resources we just covered.

By employing those tools, you can get access to these details. Some of these practical free internet tools are covered in this post.

3. Can you use a private Instagram viewer?

Yes, provided you are using the required equipment, it will function properly. To examine private Instagram profiles, a variety of third-party programs are accessible online.

Sadly, not all of them function properly. Use one of the suggested tools to avoid getting caught in a never-ending survey cycle.

4. How do I view someone else’s private Instagram stories?

Only the people you choose to share your Instagram Stories with can see them.

Again, you’ll need one of the third-party programs to watch someone else’s narrative.

The tool is the greatest one on the market, as we’ve already noted. Without informing them, you can examine other people’s stories by looking up their usernames.


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