Rupee4click: Real or Fake? Truth Unveiled!

Rupee4click: Real or Fake? Truth Unveiled!


We are going to discuss the website It is a money-earning website that pays out money daily for doing tasks such as viewing advertisements, completing surveys, and referring to other users. People make money and also get a Rs 500 sign-up bonus.

Here you will know how to download the Rupee4click website and other authentic information regarding this website. 

What Is Rupee4click?

Rupee 4 Click is a CPR advertising network that operates on the web and on mobile devices. It provides Android and iOS mobile applications, content lockers, websites, and media buyers. To monetize their website and desktop traffic, publishers are encouraged to utilize our banners, native advertising, interstitials, pop-under, pop-ups, content lockouts, and other specialized solutions.

These types of applications and websites also claim that users may earn tens of thousands of rupees from the comfort of their own homes.

Does going to that site result in financial gain? And “Is the website authentic or not?” If you are interested in learning, you are welcome to read the article that I have linked below.

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Is Rupee4click Real or Fake?

We cannot say directly this website is fraudulent. Because there is a website, an address, and information on how to find them on social media.

However, after doing some research and reading some reviews on, some websites claim that it is a scam. And others believe that to be true. Is the rupee4click website authentic? No, that is not the case. There are several explanations for this, such as…

  • There is no information on the company’s founder or owner.
  • The website has poor construction.
  • There are no comprehensive job details.
  • There was a problem finding your registration data.
  • No proper contact information
  • Many negative comments were posted online, along with many more,
  • No formal contact information
  • They have given a false address for their office.
  • No social media accounts that are currently active, along with several more,
  • Most of the proofs that are shown on this site are fraudulent.

The strategy that Rupee4Click provides is quite profitable. This is a pretty typical tactic that con artists employ to take advantage of other people. As a result, we do not advise downloading this program from It is mainly because it has provided no new information. We cannot definitively state whether it is a fake.

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How Does Make Money?

Rupee4Click is a pioneer in cost-per-referral (CPR) advertising and operates out of India. The firm provides a service known as “Get Paid for Referral Link.” You may increase your chances of earning money by inviting your loved ones and friends to use the referral link. Online tasks such as data entry jobs, captcha-solving, survey filling jobs, and other ways to bring in some extra cash.

How to Get Rupee4Click?

Step 1: Configure your device

Firstly, you need to visit the Settings menu on your device and scroll down until you reach the Security section. Then tap the Unknown sources option. If you choose this option, you can install programs from sources other than the Google Play store. You may activate this feature by choosing the option to verify programs inside the Security settings menu.

On devices that are running an older version of Android, go to Settings, pick the Applications option, choose Unknown sources, and then select OK on the confirmation prompt that appears.

Step 2: Downloading the software “Rupee4Click” Step 2

The next thing you’ll need to do is download the installation file for Rupee4Click: Earn Money Doing Simple Tasks. This kind of file, which is also known as an APK, is the format used by Android to distribute and install applications. When you download the Rupee4Click: Earn Money Doing Simple Tasks app from ChipApk, it is completely safe and virus-free, and there are no extra costs.

Step 3: Procedure 

Here you have the option to download the APK file onto your mobile device or your computer. However, doing it on your computer is a bit more challenging. To get things rolling, use either Google Chrome or the browser that comes pre-installed on Android to download an APK file. The file you just downloaded may be found in the next step: open your app drawer and select the Downloads button. Launch the application by launching the file.

The approach will be different for you if you downloaded the APK file on your computer. You will need to activate USB mass-storage mode on your Android smartphone when you connect it to the computer. The next thing to do is to copy the file onto your device by dragging and dropping it. After that, you may find the file on your device and install it by using a file manager such as Astro or ES File Explorer.

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Regarding this application, we have attempted to provide information that is accurate and comprehensive. You may earn referral commissions by recommending this application to your loved ones and acquaintances. This website does not have sufficient information to provide visitors.


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