How to create a successful SEO campaign – introductory course

How to create a successful SEO campaign – introductory course

SEO Campaign – Introduction

Whether you are a newbie in digital marketing or a veteran, this article is for you. In the case that you’ve just landed in this mysterious yet fascinating world, you’re probably wondering how to create an SEO campaign. In the second case, you’re wondering how to improve your existing campaigns. Either way, we’re going to present you the full guide of a successful SEO campaign.

Keyword research

It all begins with the right keyword research. The good news is that for this part there is no right or wrong method for finding keywords, everything depending on the tools you’re willing to use. There are some very accurate keyword research softwares, such as Google Ads Keyword Planner, Ahrefs and SemRush. While the first one is free, the rest of them offer a more or less paid trial. Moreover, you should do your keyword research with your business’ aim in mind: is it to sell products, services, inform or all of them? Based on this, you can choose the intent of your possible users.

Then the guessing game begins. You have to write down keywords, look up for their search volume and match them with the intent of your business. Try thinking as your users. The more accurate you are, the sooner this step finishes.

For example, if you want to promote a mind mapping software, you should write “mind mapping” as your first guess, then narrow it down in order to match your users’ intent. For example, mind mapping software is a great keyword. Be sure to double check this intent on Google. If you google “mind mapping software”, you will see that there are only softwares both in organic and paid ads results, so the intent is really high. Another useful example would be “mind mapping creator”, which has a really high intent, too. On the other hand, if your business’ aim is just to inform, you could go for words like “mind map examples” or “mind map template” and so on.

Technical SEO for your SEO campaign

 Then you should start with the Technical SEO part. That’s because you really need to see your site’s problems. You need to solve these as soon as possible in order to make the best SEO experience for your users and for the robots. Through the sitemap and robots.txt file, the search engines verify your content and your site’s topic. That’s why they need to be perfect. Also, include the sitemap within the robots.txt file and exclude from crawling any page that you feel it’s useless to your purpose and should not be crawled by the crawlers.

You might have created some pages and forgot to make a redirect in the case that you deleted them? Then quickly solve this problem. You can use SemRush in order to see these problems. In fact, SemRush is one of the few SEO-oriented websites that will really help you solve all the technical problems your site might have. The 5xx errors need to be solved, too. You should talk to your hosting in order to make sure your site is functional. 

The duplicated content is also a big problem. If you don’t have unique content on your pages, there’s a big problem, because the search engines will not rank your site or might penalize it. Google loves fresh and new content so be sure to be adding content regularly. Moreover, make sure that every page is unique regarding the content, titles, keywords used.

Missing meta descriptions and meta titles should be solved, as they are a big part of users’ journey. These are the first 2 things an user sees when they search on Google. If these aren’t fixed, he or she will have a bad experience and the click-through rate will be low, which will make out of your site a “bad site” and Google will definitely not rank it.

Also be aware that if you have broken links on your site, you should remove or replace them as soon as possible, as it is pretty hard for Google not to penalize you in this case. That’s because if a user clicks on your broken link and it leads to a 404 page, he will lose interest and get out of Google. And Google is a business and wants its clients to be happy and to use their services for as long as possible. That’s why you have to pay attention to all the aspects when it comes to users’ experience on your platform.

To sum up

In conclusion, that’s just an introduction to SEO and how you should create your campaign. May you be a beginner or an advanced SEO, you should take into consideration these useful tips that come from a personal experience. Begin with the keyword research then start the technical audit, solve all the problems SemRush or Ahrefs show you and then start building pages and backlinks. In the case that you want to learn more about how Google was created, you can learn more from Auxilio. Happy rankings!


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