How SEO Hotel Advertising Can Help Bring More Business

How SEO Hotel Advertising Can Help Bring More Business

Before the COVD-19 pandemic, Americans took about 500 million business trips. The recovery of the hospitality industry hinges on the return of meetings, events, and conferences.

The outlook seems pretty bleak at the moment because of the Delta variant. Some events are already getting canceled in 2022.

What can the hospitality industry do in the meantime? Find other ways to leverage their hotel advertising dollars. One of the most direct ways to reach people is through SEO.

Read on to learn how you can use the power of search engines to boost your hotel business.

1. Appear When People Are Searching

When people are planning a trip, whether it’s for business or pleasure, they almost always start with a search. They’ll search for something along the lines of “hotels near [location].”

They’ll click on the first few links, read some reviews, and then book online. SEO optimizes your entire online presence to get you to appear higher in search results. The higher your hotel appears, the more likely you’ll get traffic and sales.

2. Check Your Local Listings

The best place to start with hotel SEO is by completing your local listings. Search engines function like directories, and you need your directory listing to be up to date.

Go to Google My Business and Bing Places to complete your listings. They’re free of charge and they ensure you appear in local searches. 

Local hotel SEO is important because you’re competing with hundreds of other hotels in your area. This link tells you more about the local SEO process.

3. Check Website Performance

You’re driving traffic to your website, you have to give them a great website experience. Not only does a high-performing site increase conversions, but it also helps with SEO, too.

Check your site’s speed by using digital marketing tools like Google’s Page Speed Insights.

4. Know How Your Audience Searches Online

If you’re pivoting from business and meeting travelers to leisure travelers, you need to adjust your keywords, too.

Keywords match your website’s content with specific search terms. Search engines display sites that are relevant to searchers. Understanding how your market searches online help you rank ahead of the competition.

5. Remarket to Traffic

Most people won’t book a stay on their first visit to your website. They will book within the next few days. It’s a critical time to keep your brand in front of potential customers.

Remarketing is a hotel digital marketing tactic that makes SEO even more powerful. When someone visits your hotel’s site, you run a display ad campaign that shows your hotel when they look at other websites.

This keeps your hotel top of mind and helps you win more bookings.

SEO Hotel Advertising Works

One of the most direct ways to reach travelers right now is through search engines. The hotel advertising tips in this article show you the potential of SEO.

You can use search traffic to get the right traffic and convert them to paying guests. It’s an essential strategy to make it through the uncertainty of the pandemic.

For more digital marketing tips, be sure to visit the Digital Marketing section of this site.


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