Should I Choose to Study Abroad?

Should I Choose to Study Abroad?

Should I study abroad? It is a problem that many people are struggling with. Although everyone’s situation is different, the direction of thinking when making a choice is roughly the same. Today we will talk about how to think about studying abroad in order to choose the answer that suits you.

1. Personal situation

– Economic situation

We all know that studying abroad costs a lot more than studying in your home country. Among them, in addition to the tuition and miscellaneous fees and living expenses that may be involved after going abroad, certain expenses are also required before going abroad, such as expenses for preparing classes and consulting for going abroad. Even the cost of traveling abroad is not a small amount.

Therefore, even when the school has a scholarship, it is still a big burden. If the family is in good condition, this is not a problem. But for the average family, it is a standard worth considering.

– Learning status

The learning methods, examination mechanisms, and living environments of domestic schools and foreign schools are slightly different. Before going abroad, you need to be psychologically prepared to change your study habits. At the same time, you must have a certain degree of self-control, independence, life, and communication skills, so that you can respond well to challenges that come at any time after going abroad.

If you have not developed good study habits and are not sure of your own abilities, it is recommended to make a decision after careful consideration.

2. Future planning

– Life planning

Before going abroad, you need to plan your future life, such as: what kind of life do you want? Do you want to live at home or abroad in the future?

The reason for considering this issue is that after we go abroad to study and live for a period of time, we will inevitably have our own connections and circles overseas, and we will have many opportunities to stay abroad.

Therefore, before going abroad, it is best for us to make basic plans for life, clarify our thoughts, consult more information, consult more with people with experience in living abroad, compare the information, and then make a decision. At the same time, we must also consider whether we have the conditions to be able to live a long-term life locally, so as to avoid the embarrassment of being unable to stay after graduation and having to return to our home country.

If you really want to live abroad, studying abroad is really worth investing in.

– Work planning

After talking about life, the next step is work. Regarding the work plan, we divide it into two parts:

Let me talk about returning to my country for employment. When a company chooses to hire a person, it will make all-around considerations, and will not judge based on a single condition for studying abroad. On the whole, if you want to return to your country for employment, you should pay more attention to your core competitiveness in your industry. If the industry you want to participate in corresponds to a major domestic university, then choosing a domestic university is actually more competitive.

Of course, studying abroad is not only to obtain academic qualifications, but also to have an international vision, fluent language skills, and cross-cultural communication skills. If you can grasp the ability to cultivate your ability while studying abroad, your competitiveness after returning to your country will be quite convincing.

If you are considering employment in a foreign country and hope to live and work abroad, you may not need to pay too much attention to the domestic employment situation. Instead, you should look at the living and working environment abroad, as well as your own possibility of settling abroad.

Of course, whether you are working at home or choosing a foreign country, your own ability is the most critical factor.

3. Suggestions for going abroad

– Clear purpose

Before you go abroad, you’d better be clear about your purpose of going abroad. If you have a clear purpose, your plan will be much clearer, and you will be able to maximize the gains from going abroad. These purposes may include:

  • Accept a different education and enhance competitiveness;
  • Feel the life abroad and experience different cultures;
  • Open international horizons and increase personal knowledge;
  • Hope to stay abroad and look for job opportunities.

After all, we study abroad not just for a certificate, but for a better life. At the same time, no matter what your purpose is when you know your purpose of going abroad, you have a basis for rational judgment, and you can even list different influencing factors, judge one by one, and finally decide whether you want to go abroad.

– Choose the right time

Studying abroad is not something that can be completed in a short period of time. Different countries and schools have slightly different requirements, including language tests, application materials, visa processing, etc. All these need to be prepared in advance. If you need help on the course application and visa application.

At the same time, we must also consider the state of the overall environment. For example, when the current epidemic has not been stably controlled, it is best not to blindly choose to study abroad. However, we can use this time to make preparations, and when the time is right, we can handle matters related to studying abroad in the shortest time.

– Rational choice

Indeed, studying abroad can bring us a lot of benefits, but if there are the following situations, it is recommended to postpone the plan of going abroad for a period of time:

  • You have a weak self-control ability and are unable to arrange your own study, life, and work independently;
  • Do not do in-depth research and decide to go abroad based only on the information read by chance.

In general, studying abroad is still a very prudent thing. If handled properly, it will have a huge impact on our future. Therefore, we need to make clear goals, combine our own actual conditions, and make rational considerations before making choices.


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