Thiruttumovies Latest Tamil Movies Full HD Free Download

Thiruttumovies Latest Tamil Movies Full HD Free Download

Thiruttumovies! The name is enough. It’s your one-stop junction to download several Tamil films—old and classic—absolutely free. The website is quite popular among the youth for its outstanding file downloading speed and easy-to-use interface.

As we can’t go outside to enjoy our favorite Tamil films, it’s a brilliant decision to indulge in binge-watching and enjoy a lot of movies and films online or by downloading them to our devices. Most importantly, the website allows you to download any file in your preferred format absolutely free without any cost whatsoever. 

What is Thiruttumovies Website?

Some blockbuster Hindi and other movies are also available on this torrential website dubbed in the Tamil language.

It has an intuitive query typing box to enter your favorite movie or actor’s name. Once you press the submit button, the website instantly searches its database and lists out all essential items in front of your PC screen. 

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Why Thiruttumovies Website is so Popular?

Thiruttumovies is extremely popular worldwide among Tamil movie lovers. The website offers everything that it could to movie lovers. Starting from classic Tamil movies to the latest ones, you will get everything here on its platform. Each film file also contains its respective thumbnails and posters to give you a hint of the tone of such a film. 

Top Features Of Thiruttumovies Website

  • The website offers a quick and simple navigation option.
  • All necessary details like new releases and film thumbnails are available on the site’s homepage.
  • You can get access to Thiruttumovies from anywhere in the world.
  • Watch new Tamil songs online.
  • Download your favourite action movies in HD or Hq format.
  • The website provides free online movies watch options to its users.
  • Tamil Blockbuster films are displayed on top of the site’s home page for easy visibility. 
  • The website offers spectacular surround sound with theatre effects.

Is It Safe and Legal To Use Thiruttumovies?

It’s a tricky question as always. No matter where you live, it’s never safe or recommended to use any website that promotes piracy or publishes copyrighted materials on its platform. Being a torrential website, Thiruttumovies, is not safe and legal to use. 

However, if the site is working without your geographical territory, then you can safely use it without clicking any third-party apps or pop-up ads, as those may contain viruses and malware.

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How to Download Movies from Thiruttumovies Website?

Step 1: Connect your VPN device to your PC

Step 2: Click on the browser and check if you get the proper signal and bandwidth for surfing.

Step 3: Use plenty of combinations to find the exact website URL. You can try http://1ThiruttuMovies.Live also

Step 4: Enter inside its home page and navigate your cursor to the search box.

Step 5: Enter your favorite Tamil Movie and press download.

Step 6: A lot of download film links will appear. Choose the relevant one and enjoy the film without any ads or distractions. 

How to Unblock Thiruttumovies Website With the Onion Router

You must have heard about Dark Web if you are a tech-savvy person. In Dark Web, Tor Browser forms its integral part. Using TOR, you can easily unblock Thiruttumovies even if it’s banned in your country. 

Step 1: Launch incognito mode from your Google Chrome browser. The screen will immediately turn black.

Step 2: On the Google search bar, type The Onion Router or TOR

Step 3: In the very first item, you will see a director TOR browser download link. 

Step 4: Depending upon your hardware and OS, download TOR to your device.

Step 5: Install and run TOR. EXE or something like that file

Step 6: Soon, it will get installed on your device.

Step 7: Now, you can easily search for a workable Thiruttumovies URL link and watch it online for many hours without any worries.

Note: The interface of TOR will be completely different than what you see on Google/ Mozilla/ Opera mini or other browsers. Just use the TOR browser for a few days and you will understand everything. 

Unblock Thiruttumovies Using a VPN Service

Step 1: Purchase a reliable VPN service online from any e-commerce portal. Make sure it comes with a good guarantee/ warranty and after-sale support.

Step 2: Turn on your VPN device and integrate it into your device.

Step 3: When both are connected and synced properly, go to the browser setting.

Step 4: Change your IP address and location using the various options available on your screen. 

Step 5: Once you see SUCCESS, you can normally browse and search for Thiruttumovies online link.

Step 6: Once you get the workable link, it’ll start working and you can enjoy your favorite Tamil Movies. 

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What different file sizes are available for movies on the Thiruttumovies website?

There are various size options. You will be able to access movies in various qualities depending on the speed of your internet connection. Whether you’re downloading on a laptop, desktop, or mobile device. the sizes of the Telugu movies that consumers can download The illegal website for Tamil movies is listed lower.

  • Videos with a 300MB movie size are typical of low quality.
  • Movies with a 700MB file size are HD-quality movies.
  • 1 GB-sized video for Full HD movie quality

In 2016, Thiruttumovies was introduced.

The average age of the website is three years, however, Thiruttumovies has grown significantly in popularity as a pirate or torrent site that provides free movie downloads, free online streaming, and free movie downloads in a variety of formats. The ideal location for moviegoers looking for free, HD movies of all genres, both old and new, is here. Its most recent website is accessible on many internet domains. The website offers movies on all platforms, including mobile and tablets, not just in Telugu or Kannada but also in Bollywood, Hollywood, and other languages.

Best Thiruttumovies Alternative sites

123MKV, Hindilinks 4U, Moviespur, Moviesda, Moviespapa, Oak Punjab,, DownloadHub, 9kmovies, TodayPk, and FilmyMeet.

1. FunMovie

FunMovie is popular for leaking films and movie sequences online on its platform. It allows people from all across the world to get a glimpse of upcoming films even before their release dates. Moreover, all video content available on FunMovie is absolutely free. But, it’s an illegal website. Movie lovers are not recommended to go there. 

Features at a Glance

  • Watch your favorite films in various formats—300MB, 480p, 720p, 1080p, or HD.
  • Get all the benefits of the website without any need of signing up. 
  • Its domain extension keeps on changing because of its illegal operation. 
  • A lot of third-party software apps and adult dating ads are displayed on the website. 

Website URL:

Price: No Price

2. KindiBox

If you are looking for a reliable website to download new movies without any cost, go for KindiBox. It’s another film streaming website with hundreds and thousands of users worldwide. The most interesting aspect about KindiBox is its legality.

Features at a Glance 

  • It telecasts several original web series on its platform
  • You can watch a lot of KindiBox content for free.
  • The website encourages new and emerging artists to get their work noticed.
  • The Premium subscription option is also available to enjoy ad-free video content.
  • Most films and web series are telecasted in Hindi.

Website URL: 

Price: Will be notified soon on its official website

3. Gupchup Webs

It’s another emerging entertainment website in the market. Most of the audio-video content of the site has been created keeping in mind the demand and likes of Indian movie lovers. However, several movies and videos also feature their respective subtitles in English for people who don’t understand Hindi.

Features at a Glance

  • Registration and signing up on the site is essential to access its features
  • It’s a fully legal website. 
  • Its domain extension is constant—doesn’t keep on changing like pirated torrential websites.
  • Watch original and latest short movies.
  • Plenty of genres is available—mystery, suspense, horror, and drama.

Website URL:

Price: To be declared shortly on their website

Additional Information: The app is available on Google Play.

4. Hothitmoviez

It is one of India’s most popular adult movie sites. It also includes both softcore porn and hardcore porn content. Users below the age of 18 shouldn’t download the app or site. However, the website comes under the adult niche and has a full legal status.

Features at a Glance

  • Enjoy plenty of porn adult content in HD quality.
  • See the new talents of emerging artists and content creators.
  • Enjoy original short stories and directions.
  • You can’t watch any content without signing up on the site.

Website URL: HotHitMoviez Changed to

Price: Rs. 200/- for 28 Days or Rs.250/- for 45 Days

5. Kooku App (Web Series)

Again it’s a legal OTT-based platform that shows various web series on its platform. Only its registered can get full access to the site. Also, as a visitor, you can’t watch any movie. The Kooku app is available on the Google play store as well. 

Features at a Glance

  • All content is available in top-picture audio-visual quality.
  • Users above 18+ are recommended to use the site.
  • Comedy shows are also available.
  • Several senior TV actors also work on shows telecast on this channel.
  • It comes with a flexible payment option to subscribe to its exclusive shows.

Website URL:

Price: Rs. 225/- for 1 Year/ Rs. 162 for 6 Months.

In Conclusion

Thiruttumovies comes with lots of action-packed movies and Tamil songs. However, it’s an illegal site and you may never know when its URL would stop working. So, you should switch to legal alternatives. You can try using satellite cable channels to watch your favorite movies at an affordable or else, you can also subscribe to Disney Hotstart NETFLIX or AMAZON PRIME as per your choice and budget. 


1. Does it actually cost nothing?

Yes, all of the movies on ThiruttuMovies are totally free. Anywhere, at any time, you can watch movies for free.

2. Can these websites harm my PC or smartphone?

Your computer or any other device is not harmed or damaged by the websites. However, there is a significant risk of malware or viruses infecting your system when you download movies from websites like this. These websites frequently have viruses and malware, which can be quite dangerous.


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