Why Can’t I Order Kratom With a Credit Card?

Why Can’t I Order Kratom With a Credit Card?

Payment through credit and debit are the most-easiest to pay for the various good products. But, the payment via credit card for Kratom has been a big issue worldwide. This is because of the high risk of selling Kratom as overdose led to many deaths. In some countries and cities, the usage of kratom has been forbidden because of its side effects because one can’t measure the effectiveness if it is not taken in the prescribed dose. So, the credit companies who accept such products through credit cards, are often referred to as scams for such products. It is assumed that kratom is full of a perilous product that does not define kratom as a harmful substance, because of its negativity which is rumoured the industry of Kratom is called perilous. Unfortunately, it is banned to buy Kratom with a credit card

Why Is It Referred as a High-Risk Industry?

Kratom known as Mitragyna Speciosa gained its medicinal value but it does have some impact that makes it a hazard for health. The effectiveness and safety of consuming kratom in the form of pills or powder is still a question in many countries where it is illegal. But people who have tried it have given good feedback. Also, you need to be very much conscious about the dose of kratom because its high dose reacts rapidly which makes it a high-risk industry. The products that are related to risk can create great harm for the company as its reputation is being at stake due to the products which are illegal in a few countries. Sometimes the product itself does not pose risk but the stances of fraud, scam and charges are higher, this is the reason why credit companies made a safe distance from such industries. So, it is strictly restricted to pay through credit or debit card.

What If You Find A Vendor Who Accepts Credit Card

It is very unusual if you find a vendor who accepts credit cards on a return with kratom, generally, this is very rare, it is almost you hit a jackpot and also important to know that one should not pay for kratom through a credit card.

The following are the reason why tell not to pay for kratom via credit card:

  • The payments for kratom via credit card is a temporary solution, as it is very scarce to find a trustworthy credit card company that is willing to make payment for the high-risk industries. Even if the company does so there are chances that such a company can take a step back if the kratom industry incurred any loss. So, even if someone buysKratom via credit method, it is not assured that it will stay it is, like staying connected with the credit payment method. Ultimately one should seek another payment option 
  • Some kratom vendors come in contact with overseas companies that ensure card payment. Well, this is very inconvenient and can result as very dangerous because making a payment with credit for overseas companies will not access your personal information to them but also the details of your card, which can even put you behind the bars for making a payment high-risk goods.
  • Many vendors offer discounts when high-risk goods are purchased in a cash method because there are no chances of fraud, scam and chargeback and also the payment through card is risk-taking which provides them with your illegal information. And also there are chances to save money if it is done in a cash method.
  • The legality of Kratom still remains a question though it is not entirely illegal as many consumers are still enjoying the consumption of kratom and safely using it for decades. Still, it has a history that has led to some deaths in some countries.  For such reasons, there are slight changes to pay because of its illegality.
Credit Card
  • One of the main reasons is that kratom consumers have a better payment method like Bitcoin or cryptocurrency for avoiding any kind of unwanted risk that may occur while paying with a credit card. The well tested and beneficial strain of Kratom should be purchased through credit card but the companies do not accept such because its linkages with other strains are there and that may harm other products of the same strain.
  • Some consumers avoid purchasing kratom through credit card because there is numerous fraud in the market that ruptures the bank details and also it is very exemplary horrifying that they get access to personal information too. While the payment made by Bitcoin is much safer.
  • One main reason is also that payment made credit cards often led to debt that happens when any consumer is not in a state to pay the amount in each successive month for the entire statement and also there are taxes which applied on high-risk products and international processing charges which are in-built taxes that often get hit while Kratom.

Ultimately, one end pays more for the product than its actual cost whereas you would get a discount if it is paid from another alternative method which is bitcoin. Credit cards are made with the idea of building taxes and incurring interest, which will make the cost go higher with time. And also charging too quickly from a credit card can make you extravagant and get you to pay more than you earn if you aren’t alert about your spending. And getting in debt with bank terms and policy, everyone should avoid.

Paying through E-Check, ACH and Money orders are much safer than that of making it with Credit Card

The most common type for Kratom is an echeck and vendors allow such alternative methods, e-check are preferable over paper checks because it does not require any document. ACH which is more or less similar to e-check, the banking industry uses the term interchangeably, this process involves the transfer of funds electronically between two accounts. The money order is the most relevant form of payment that vendors allow to their clients, somewhat similar to e-check as it is given in prepaid form.


All in all, it is better to avoid paying through credit card because that can put you in debt and also the company doesn’t go to high-risk industries as there are many scam sources and when paid on unknown sites, we provide the scammer with our personal information which one should neglect.


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