Top 10 Undress AI Apps Free Options for 2024 Users

Top 10 Undress AI Apps Free Options for 2024 Users

Individuals commonly utilize Undress AI apps for various purposes such as entertainment, artistic endeavors, or research. These applications, like those offering deep nude services, enable users to undress any photo by specifying parameters like age, body type, and quality, providing results in just a few seconds. This article delves into the top free undress AI apps available, allowing users to remove clothing from images digitally.

The rapid advancement of AI undressing technology has brought about remarkable innovations, some of which can generate and transform existing images. Among these innovations, Undress AI Tools stand out. These websites operate similarly to deepfake technology, enabling the removal of clothing from images through simple text prompts or a virtual brush to highlight the areas for undressing.

10 Free Best Undress AI Apps

Undress AI represents an AI-driven tool with the ability to remove clothing from images through advanced AI technology. Below, you’ll find a list of the top free undress apps that you can explore:

1. Soulgen AI

Soulgen AI stands out as a premier undressing AI app, offering a seamless process to remove clothing from existing images with just one click. Powered by advanced AI technology, this tool excels in generating realistic and intricate AI images. To utilize this undress app, users start by signing up on Soulgen, and providing their email ID. Subsequently, navigate to the “Edit” option and select “Remove object.”

Once your image is uploaded to this AI undress software for free, use the virtual brush to designate the clothing areas for removal. Click on the total number of images and proceed to tap on “Remove Object.” In a matter of seconds, Soulgen processes your image, providing undressed photos.

Key Features:

  • The AI Undressing tool offers users the ability to eliminate unwanted clothing or objects from their images through the use of a virtual brush.
  • Users have the option to extend or expand their images directly on this platform.
  • The platform allows users to choose the total number of generated images.


  • A 1-month plan is accessible at $9.99.
  • A 12-month plan is offered at $69.99.

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2. Promptchan AI

Promptchan AI stands as an advanced Undress AI platform, offering users the ability to generate explicit and uncensored images through text prompts. With a robust editing feature, users can effortlessly transform clothed images into nude ones with just a few clicks. To utilize this undress app platform, users commence by signing up on Promptchan AI’s website using their email address. Clicking on the “Edit” option in the top-right corner initiates the process.

Simply upload your image, use the virtual brush to draw over the clothed areas for undressing, and provide a text prompt detailing the desired changes. Click on “Edit,” and within moments, Promptchan AI processes the request, removing clothing from the image. The platform includes an Explore section for users to browse various AI-generated images, gaining inspiration for future projects.

Key Features:

  • Users can undress existing images by drawing over clothed areas using the virtual brush and providing a text prompt.
  • Diverse style options are available, including Cinematic, Anime, Hyper-anime, Art, and more.
  • The platform offers a Negative prompt option, allowing users to specify elements they want to eliminate from their images.


  • Users can purchase gems on Promptchan AI, starting from $2.99 for 50 Gems or opt for a monthly plan with the following options:
  • Plus Plan: $9.59/month, including 300 Gems (generations) a month.
  • Premium Plan: $15.19/month, including 800 Gems (generations) a month.
  • Pro Plan: $21.59/month, featuring Unlimited Casual Generations+ 1,500 Gems (generations) a month.

3. Undress AI

Undress AI introduces a platform that utilizes AI to undress individuals, offering the ability to view unclothed images for free. The AI undress software has been trained with a vast dataset of clothed and unclothed images to ensure precise results. To use this platform, users simply visit the website and upload their images online. They can then choose between Auto or Manual painting modes.

In the settings, users select the “Undress” mode and specify the Age, Body Type, and Quality of the image. After making these selections, clicking on the “Go” option initiates the undressing process, generating the desired outcome instantly.

Undress ai Key Features:

  • Users can choose between the painting modes: Auto or Manual.
  • This Undressing app supports jpg, png, and hevc file formats.
  • Users have the flexibility to select their desired image quality on the platform.
  • Fast results are guaranteed. Pricing:

  • Basic Plan: $5.49/month for medium quality.
  • Standard Plan: $16.99/month for excellent quality.
  • Pro Plan: $37.99/month for excellent quality with no watermarks.

4. Candy AI

Candy AI stands out as an exceptional AI-powered undressing platform, enabling users to craft their desired AI images. Within both Anime and Real-Girl categories, users can fashion virtual AI characters and explore creative customization options, including the removal of their clothing. It’s important to note that this platform is designed for generating AI characters and does not support the undressing of real individuals.

Users can unleash their imagination and preferences on Candy AI, tailoring the appearance, personality, and hobbies of their AI companions. Through the use of text prompts, users can undress their virtual characters, generating images in various locations and angles.

Key Features:

  • Effortless undressing of AI companions using text prompts.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Robust customization options.


  • Free plan available.
  • Premium plan starts at $9.99/month.

5. Undress VIP 

Undress VIP emerges as another AI service facilitating the effortless removal of clothing from images. This tool is accessible through a Telegram bot that leverages AI to undress clothes in photographs, generating naked images instantly. To utilize Undress VIP, users must download the Telegram app on their device and sign up with their phone number.

Submitting a photo through the chatting interface, users can expect Undress VIP to swiftly process the image, removing clothing and producing the desired outcome within seconds.

Key Features:

The tool extends its functionality to swapping faces in videos.

Accessible through the Telegram platform.

Rapid image generation.

User-friendly interface.


1.90 USD for 5 points.

3.90 USD for 15 points.

5.90 USD for 30 points.

12.90 USD for 120 points.

6. PornX AI

PornX AI stands out as an AI tool that introduces an undress AI feature, enabling users to effortlessly eliminate unwanted clothes and create uncensored images. To utilize this tool, users begin by signing up on the platform using their email address. After the sign-up process, navigate to the “Undress” option, upload the image online in jpg, png, or hevc file format, and use the brush to designate the undressing zone.

Select the “Undress” option under either the female or male category, depending on the image. Finally, click on “Undress” to initiate image processing. Within moments, PornX AI analyzes the image, generating a new, clothing-free version for users. Additionally, users have the option to undress anyone, download the image, and save it on their device.

Key Features:

  • Allows users to generate images in various modes such as Undress, Lingerie, Bikini, Tattoo, etc.
  • Supports multiple file formats including jpg, png, and hevc.
  • Users can use the brush to specify undressing areas in the image.
  • Simple and easily accessible interface.


  • Paid plans for PornX AI start at €9.99/month.

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7. Undress Show

Undress Show emerges as a straightforward and user-friendly platform, providing users with an easy way to remove clothes from their images. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms and AI technology, this tool transforms clothed images into unclothed photos. To utilize Undress Show, users simply visit the official site, upload their image, and wait for the complete upload.

Following this, users highlight the areas they wish to undress using the brush and click on “Start to Replace.” The platform then begins processing the request, undressing the specified areas on the image. Overall, Undress Show is an ideal undressing platform for beginners due to its simple and intuitive interface.

Key Features:

  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Allows users to specify undress areas using the brush.


  • Undress Show is a free undress AI platform.

8. AI Undress App

AI Undress App distinguishes itself as an AI-powered tool designed to effortlessly detect and eliminate clothing from people’s images. Unlike other platforms, AI Undress offers a unique functionality allowing users to customize their images based on individual preferences. Users can not only undress the body in the image but also modify the body type according to their chosen specifications.

To utilize this AI Undress platform, users simply upload their images online and outline the areas they wish to undress. Additionally, users have the option to customize the image by selecting body type, age, and more. The tool then removes clothing from the specified areas, generating an unclothed image.

Key Features:

  • Users can customize their image by selecting body type and age on the platform.
  • Accessible on mobile devices.
  • Simple interface.


  • A free plan is available, with the paid plan starting at $5.90/month.

9. Nudify Online

Nudify Online stands as a prominent undressing AI platform, offering users a seamless way to remove clothing from any image. To begin using this platform, users start by signing up on Nudify Online using their Google account. Following this, they upload the image they wish to undress.

Using the brush, users highlight the areas for clothing elimination. Subsequently, users can choose their body type, and age, and select the desired mode, such as Undress, Lingerie, Barbie, Anime, and more. To complete the process, click on the “Generate” option, and Nudify Online will promptly generate the image based on the specified requirements.

Key Features:

Users can choose the type of image they wish to generate, such as Undress, Anime, Barbie, Lingerie, and more.

Specification options include body type, age, and image quality.

Utilizing the brush and erase functions, users can highlight the areas they want to undress.


The premium plan for Nudify Online starts at $5.49/month.

10. Vidnoz AI

Vidnoz AI offers a unique approach among AI services, providing a face swap tool that can be employed for face swapping in images rather than undressing original images to create explicit content. Unlike the other tools mentioned, Vidnoz AI does not specialize in creating erotic content. Instead, users can use its face swap feature to switch faces, incorporating an undressed image into their photo. The tool excels in producing realistic results with minimal glitches, making it a reliable option for creating uncensored images.

Key Features:

  • Efficient face swapping with another image in a matter of seconds.
  • Accurate image generation with realistic results.
  • Minimal glitches.


  • Vidnoz AI Face Swap plans start at $4.99/month.

Is Undress App safe?

Indeed, the Undress App is completely secure if you adhere to the guidelines. Concerns regarding safety often arise in these platforms due to privacy, ethics, and potential legal implications. It is crucial to ensure 100% consent and permission from individuals before generating images using an AI Undress app. Unauthorized usage of such AI technologies without proper consent may lead to legal consequences.

Is Undress App legal?

Although there is no specific federal law in the United States explicitly prohibiting the use of Undress Apps, it is important to note that generating such images for individuals under the age of 18 is illegal.

Does Undress AI keep photos? Do they delete them?

Undress AI briefly retains images on their servers, and once users’ requested results are generated, the stored photos are promptly deleted by the platform. The temporary storage of images is a necessary step to process and generate the desired outcomes for users. The privacy policies of Undress AI platforms explicitly affirm that the photos supplied by users are not permanently stored on the platform.

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Undress AI Applications address a particular development in AI technology, empowering users to eliminate clothing from their photos easily. The previously mentioned list highlights a portion of the main free disrobing applications, furnishing users with the capacity to take off garments from their pictures. It is urgent to move toward the utilization of UndressAI platforms morally, guaranteeing appropriate assent and regarding people’s protection to keep away from expected legal consequences.

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