Why are people ready to take pay cuts to work from home?

Why are people ready to take pay cuts to work from home?

A pandemic situation gives rise to the work-from-home culture, which now dominates in all sectors. People believe working from home allows them to work with 100% productivity and better maintain the work-life balance.

But pay cut for working from home is the worst that a company can offer their employees, especially when they are enhancing productivity. The ease of doing work and more convenient work-life balance should not come at the cost of the salary-cut of the employees. Working comfortably at ease is something that every employee deserves and should get.

Remote work has expanded promptly in the past few months, and there is no doubt that it enriches the life of the workers. For many employees, it is a more sensible alternative way of working. A pay cut for working from home is not the reward that the employee should get for working effectively and efficiently.

Why do companies want their employees to return to the office?

Google, Microsoft, Apple and all the other big firms actively want their employees to return to the office. The thing bosses may hate about remote working is that they can’t directly monitor their employees in full-time work-from-home jobs. They failed to track their employee’s activities and hover over their employees day in and day out.

The other point that employers make when asked why they want their employees in the office when work from home is going well. Many employers believe that these flexible work-from-home jobs have lost the sense of belongingness essential for a company’s growth. They want their employees to work for the vision or mission of the company together. Hence they have come up with the idea of a pay cut for working from home. This pay cut can be up to 40 or 50 per cent of their salary.

Why do employees accept a pay cut for working from home?

Millions of people worldwide either quit their job or accept the pay cut to work from home permanently. Employees have become keen to work in a comfortable positive working environment. They have started looking at the bigger picture and picking the best remote alternative jobs to outshine in their life after the office.

Remote working saves a lot of time. On average, a person wastes three hours commuting to the office and burns a lot of energy doing nothing. It interrupts the company’s productivity and creates trouble in effectively maintaining the work and life balance.

Remote work is not only beneficial for employees but for employers as well. It saves lots of money like there is no overhead cost for renting or owning a working space while working remotely. As per a few reports, by shifting their team to remote work, a company saves around $10,000 per employee per year.

Wurkr in the remote work environment

Wurkr understands premises problems that the companies face and the effectiveness of remote working. Wurkr has built a virtual workspace that smoothens the process of remote working. Those who understand the use of virtual workspace benefits feel like a magical experience for them. Wurkr is one of them. It provides virtual workspaces that help you stay connected and build a company culture even when your team members are distributed across the globe. Most importantly, it saves your overhead costs.

The productivity of a business also grows up working remotely, and in such scenarios, a pay cut for working from home is something that will demotivate employees. Companies need to reward for managing office work with more efficiency and productivity.  

Though for employees, it’s not easy to work remotely as they are the only ones responsible for their workplace, internet connection, on-time meetings, handling clients, and managing their home altogether. 

For such things instead of a pay cut for working from home, companies need a platform like wurkr. In this virtual workspace, the team can collaborate spontaneously and cultivate a culture for a better remote teamwork environment.


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