What are the health apps?

What are the health apps?

Health applications are digital products that help clients control, maintain, and improve their physical and emotional conditions. Usually, we divide health apps into two main parts, those that focus on healthcare, and so-called wellness apps. As for the first group, they are developed to help patients improve their treatment quality, keep in touch with their doctors, and track their condition. Wellness applications still raise a lot of concerns, as many of them lack the scientific background and are mostly used to track the changes in a person’s daily habits and lifestyle. But anyway, in accordance with recent research, every day, more than 200 new health apps are launched. Though due to their extreme diversity and the desire of their owners to customize the in-app functions as much as possible, in general, the number of users, even of the most popular ones, doesn’t reach 100,000 people. The market also witnessed a constant process of switching between apps, as users are always searching for the ultimate one applicable for their health situation.

The benefits of health applications

Health apps are developed to bring additional value to the hospitals and clinics on one hand, and their patients at the same time. Of course, to have a high-quality application in most cases is not enough, because its success is connected to the services behind it. Among the most popular functions patients of the hospitals look for is a possibility to book an appointment with the specialists without cues, long telephone calls, and other operational obstacles that are so common for many healthcare centers. Besides, this function is very profitable for the hospitals, as it allows us to minimize waiting time and reduce the man-hours spent on appointment booking via telephone. E-prescription is among the widespread functions too. In this way, a patient can renew the prescription for medicine online without the necessity to visit his doctor again. Remote tracking of the patient’s health in the out-patient conditions via health apps brings a new level to the hospital services. In this way, patients who continue their treatment at home can easily share the dynamics of the process with their doctor, get feedback, and quick assistance in the case of emergencies. No need to tell how effective are health apps in medication management. Patients program the application to remind them about the time of medicine intake. So, they get alarms on their smartphones or other gadgets and don’t miss anything.

Qualities of health applications

Many companies that operate in the field of mobile application development can design and launch a customized health app for your business, and check how it is done. Not all apps are potentially successful. Before planning to develop a new one, study the clients’ expectations, and think about discovery phase to make it correspond to the market requirements and, not to overload it with unnecessary functions. Let’s quickly analyze the most important features the health app must contain.

1. App adaptability

Even if the app is to cover the needs of a certain limited group of patients, you must make sure that it can adapt to their personal needs, and be effective in different cases. The main problem of any health app is that it is always hard to make it work well for all similar cases. If it is an app for diabetic patients, make sure the functions it provides applicable in all the variations of this health condition and are really useful.

2. Synchronization with different devices

One of the main issues that should be taken into account while application development is the possibility to use it with different platforms. Don’t limit your app to IOS or Android only. Make it work on both platforms. Any modern app must support synchronization options with different wearable devices, and smart systems to make the patients feel comfortable using it. Especially in the case of applications that are used to track the treatment process, the more sources it can collect information from, the more accurate will be the results. Technologies are changing every second, so make sure that your app is easy to update and will also synchronize with earlier versions of platforms and older versions of smartphones.

3. Ease in application use

According to surveys, users often switch to other apps immediately after they find it hard to understand how the application works. Avoid complicated instructions. Remember, the less the patients click to get the result, the more comfortable the app seems to them. Applications must have an easy log-in and data management functions. The names of the functions should be comprehensive and difficult to mix. The usage of the application must not turn into a challenge, because usually health apps are designed for different age categories, not only for tech gigs.

4. Possibility to use in different conditions

Don’t forget that your future app will be used by different patients, with different health conditions. Make sure it will be easy to use by patients with certain disabilities. The interface must be friendly for people with different sight conditions, so fancy picks with small fonts can hardly be a good choice. If you plan to add a call function, make sure the app uses all the sound capabilities of the gadgets, and even more.

5. Possibility to use offline

There are a lot of functions that are possible only online, like chat, community rooms, video calls. But as for tracking options and signing in, they must be accessible offline too. It happens that a person must include new data, or check something vital, but he doesn’t have access to the Internet right at that moment. Saving, storing, and recovering the information must be also possible in the offline condition. The application should not be very heavy and must have a short loading time so that patients can use it with any quality of Internet connection.

So, keeping the above mentioned information in mind and all the main needs of the patients you want to cover with the help of an app, you only need to choose a professional developer. So, visit the site of this company.


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