Which VPN is Best, Avast SecureLine VPN or Nord VPN?

Which VPN is Best, Avast SecureLine VPN or Nord VPN?

When deciding on a VPN to use, there are a number of important things that you need to consider before using them.

For most individuals, the speed at which it connects is the most important factor. This means that you can stream content, play games, or simply browse the Internet without any connection issues. When using a VPN it is often the case that the connection speed drops and doing these kinds of things can become painfully slow and frustrating. When it comes to connecting servers that are based within the United States of America, Nord VPN performed the better of the two. However, when connecting to servers outside of the USA, it is Avast SecureLine VPN that performs the fastest. You can examine the exact speeds and see which is best here. Depending on what you want from a VPN service, this will have a direct impact on which one you choose to use.

Avast SecureLine VPN or Nord VPN

It is pretty obvious that most individuals looking to use a VPN will be heavily swayed by the cost of using it. Both Avast SecureLine VPN and Nord VPN offer users a subscription based service . For each and every Windows / Mac device that uses their service, the Avast SecureLine VPN charges $5 each month. However, for Android / iOS devices, the company charges $19.99 per year, along with an annual tariff of $79.99. This works to protect as many as five different devices. In contrast, Nord VPN offer a much more simple pricing structure. For a month’s access to their service, the company charges $11.95. However, if you pay on an annual basis, this is reduced to just $6.99 per month at a cost of $83.88. For those individuals who are extremely price sensitive, this will have a big impact on which one they choose. But most users right now avail and grab VPN deals to save a few bucks just to purchase the VPN service they’ve wanted.

Other things that are worth your consideration when deciding on which of these two VPNs to choose is the level of privacy that they each give you. Nord VPN definitely wins on this front. Similarly, when it comes to security, the encryption that Nord VPN uses, is superior to that of Avast SecureLine VPN. Should you ever encounter any issues with either of the VPNs, then contacting their customer support teams is an easy thing to do.


Based on all of these things, it is quite clear to see that NordVPN is the better of the two here. Not only does it work faster when connected to serves in the USA, but it is also much clearer priced, it offers a great level or privacy, is super secure to use, and offers a good level of customer support should you ever need it.


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